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Hello everyone, I asked for my irons, b12 and vitamin D to be checked after a really good Drs appointment and a low TSH result of 0.27. Would you please tell me if you think I need a bit more iron. I was not taking any supplements for a week prior to the test. Thank you in advance.

Serum folate >( 3.9 ) 12.1

Vitamin b12. (197-771) 796

Ferritin (13-150) 99

25oh. (>51) 101

Iron and saturation

Transferrin (2.00 -360) 2.37

Iron. (10.7 -32.2). 17.3

% iron saturation (15-50). 29

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Molesnail8 I'm glad you had a good appointment, the results look OK to me - possibly just top up weekly, it depends how you feel.


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