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Vitamin and iron supplements do help!

It must be a year or more since I had my vitamin and Iron levels checked. I was under range in everything. Just have latest results since supplementing .

Ferritin 384 (30-400)

B12 1568 (190- 660).

No vit D test even though I asked for it. Really pleased with these results!

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Beverleyb, you've done well. You can stop supplementing iron as you don't want ferritin over range. Optimal is half way through range. Ask for a retest in 6-12 months to check levels don't plummet when you stop supplementing.

B12 is usually high when supplementing. You could reduce your dose as 1,000 is optimal. No problem if you don't wish to, excess B12 is excreted in urine so you won't OD but there's no point in peeing out expensive supplements.

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Thanks Clutter, I knew I with those results I would have to stop supplementing, and did wonder when I should have the next test.


Hello beverleyb,

What great results! Congrats!

Can I ask what product you used to raise your ferritin? My tummy's sensitive to iron so I struggle raise it.


Hi joesmum, I used Ferrous Sulphate from my GP. I took it with vitamin c. some people use spatone as I believe it is easier on the stomach!


What supplements do you take?

I'm awaiting results from a thyroid test, but looking on the internet my tiredness could also be anemia, which my doctor didn't test, I thought I'd get some supplements to help


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