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Hi there ,

Please can someone help give me some advice as going by these results I would have thought my doctor would have given me iron tablets other than folate . I have had pleurisy for this last month pain has gone though my glands are v swollen and Doc did antibody test which was negative . I am dizzy tired off work and could lose my job I have no energy so weak and glands sore .

Also I saw my kinesiologist last Tuesday who told me I had infection for nine months and told me to take 4 vitamin c a day plus three metabolics bcomplex and 2 probiotic lactobacillus acidiphollus . I am also on 5 mg folate tabs a month now as it was low . I take 100 mg thyroxine which was increased a month ago from 75 mg and 20 mg t3.

Results :

Vitamin B12 585 range 197-771

Ferritin 265 range 15-150

Iron level 19.2 range 10-30

Iron transferrance 1.8 range 2-3.6

Iron percentage 20.3 range 30-40

TSH 0.02 range 0.27-4.2

T4 20.1 range 12-22

T3 5.3 range 3.1-6.8

Thanks very much in advance


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  • Hi - as I understand it when you are ill your body takes the iron out of circulation so that the bacteria or virus cells are denied the iron that they need to survive and thrive. This iron is then put into ferritin stores instead. This is also designed to slow you down and make you rest to give the body a chance to heal. When the underlying infection/inflammation is gone, this ferritin will then be returned to circulation as iron . Hence high ferritin levels and low iron. So giving iron tablets in this circumstance would be wrong.

    I can't advise on your treatment for infection as I know nothing about that, unfortunately.

    Hope you feel better soon.


  • Hi startagaingirl ,

    Thank you for your reply - I'm not sure what treatment either tho think an antibiotic would help . I started the vitamins Saturday so I'm worried they have messed up my results as my folate was low .

    Thanks in advance .

  • Hi Soprano, ouch, terrible symptoms. Do they feel it's a virus since you are not given an antibiotic? If so, I would take vitamin c to bowel tolerance which may mean one every hour but viruses don't usually last nine months, do they? Your thyroid tests look excellent. Ferritin also seems to reveal inflammation as well as infection. There are herbal antibiotics but I wouldn't know what to recommend for your condition.

  • Hi Heloise ,

    Thank you so much for your kind reply and advice . Yes the Doc and consultant I saw a month ago in casualty said I had bacterial pleurisy so prescribes v strong anti inflams which wiped me out and I stopped them a week ago as the pain had gone . Since that my glands have swollen I'm dizzy and so tired and not sure if I have ear infection as Doc said it was inflamed and gave me ear spray . I'm so tired weak memory a disaster and cold one minute roasting the next sore head and muscles .yes my thyroid should b good I can't understand it . I think I need antibiotic though they won't give me one .

    Thanks so much for your advice .

  • I would be tempted to take echinacea or colloidal silver if it's a fungal. It seems inexcusable not to give you an antibiotic for an infection and with all those symptoms. I'd go back for a second opinion. I imagine your vitamin D level is very low because of this as well.

  • I think I will go back tomorrow though I know they hate me bothering them the docs as that's the way they make me feel. I won't get vitamin d tested until I see my consultant in three weeks as they don't test it my gps and will not do anything without my consultants approval as I was in a bad state three years ago when I first went to my consultant . I don't think I need an iron infusion as results were worse before . I still think taking b12 tabs will help . I have been taking b complex for five days I'm just hoping that didn't mess up my bloods . Do u think I should increase vitaminc as I am taking four a day . Thank Heloise for all your advice I really appreciate it as I just want to be well .

    Thank you :)

  • I would increase the C, I don't suppose it is the liposomal C, is it? Lately I've read that there is no true vitamin C being sold. It is only found in fruit. If you have a juicer or blender I would juice whole lemons with the peel. Too much sugar in store bought orange juice so I would use real oranges. You must feel so lost.

  • Thanks Heloise ,

    The vitamin c is by solar 100 mg - please could you tell me how many I should increase it too ? I gave the vitamin c with my thyroid tabs first thing in morning . Yes just want to get back to normal as just no energy for anything and feel v weak .

    Hope you are keeping well yourself and thank you so much :)


  • Hi Angie, I've been here for four years and learned so much and improved so much but have the same battles as the rest as to treatment so I have self medicated and if I can get the tests which is also a battle I have managed. Doctoring seems to have become big business.

    Are you eating well? I hope someone can help you. You need to be taking 500 mgs. C tablets every hour until your bowels become loose. You could use a bit of honey with the lemons.

  • Thank you Heloise - yes everyone on here is so helpful and I have learned so much also though it annoys my doctor .

    I would need to increase them then I take two in morn and two at lunch tho if I take too much is it dangerous ? Sorry I just want to do the right thing .

    Thank you


  • Sorry yes I am eating lots though bad stuff that contains sugar and my diet was so good . About three months ago I was going to Pilates walking lots and doing well .

    Thank you :)

  • Absolutely no danger I can think of with vitamin C. Any excess will be released but actually it would be better if it would stay in your bloodstream and that's why people take thousands of mlgs. per day. It does act as an antiviral at the higher dose. Please increase. You can absorb up to 500 per hour.

    I just read that you began supplementing five days before the blood draw? Yes, your counts are obviously going to be much higher than normal. Iron shouldn't be taken for several days before a test so that could be the reason for your high level.

  • Thanks Heloise ,

    Yes as I was having no success with the doctors I went by what my kinesiologist suggested increasing the vitamins and taking b complex . I didn't know on Monday that another Doc was going to do bloods again and didn't tell the Doc either . I will increase to six per day that would b 6000 mg would that b ok as jar is 100 mg per tab !

    Thank you :)

  • Sorry, Soprano, that only adds up to 600 mgs. you need much more than that.

  • Sorry Heloise ,

    I'm confused I thought a 100 mg in a jar meant 100mg per tablet - apologies as I though four tabs would equal 4000mg .



  • LOL, are there 100 tablets in the jar perhaps?

    4X100 = 400

    4X1000 = 4000

  • Yes you are right there are 100 tabs in the jar :)

  • Sorry Heloise ,

    How many vitamin c should I take in the day please and do I do this for life to stop me getting infections as long as it doesn't make me more dizzy lol !


  • Those who take iron tablets would take 2 or 3 vitamin C per day so I would guess that would be the maximum dose. However the side effect of too much vitamin C is loose bowel movements. So if you end up having that problem you know you have taken too much.

    BTW doctors do not like giving people antibiotics due to antibiotic resistance. They ignore the fact that the common cause of the problem is animal husbandry in farming. Anyway if you feel your infection is very bad and the GP won't do anything get someone to take you to A&E. The A&E doctor may still not give you anything but they should have a good look to see what is wrong with you.

  • Thank you Blue bug for your kind reply . I went to casualty a month ago and was told I had pleurisy so guess it's just the effects of it I'm still suffering from . I will increase my vitamin c to see if I can cure myself hopefully I can as Doc will not provide antibiotic as it's viral .

    Thank you

  • Hi Bluebug ,

    I just wanted to let you know I saw Doc today and got antibiotic doxycycline apparently I have upper respiratory tract infection as symptoms got worse over the weekend . Hopefully this works thanks so much for giving me the advice to go back .

    Thank you :)

  • Optimally our bodies need 2000 mg of vitamin C daily in divided doses. Since there is no known toxic dose, and the body can't make it by itself, it's really just about your personal bowel tolerance. As far as the iron is concerned, infection feeds off of iron so the body hides it, which is why your ferritin is high and your iron is lower. Folate and methylcobalamin will be helpful.

  • Thanks Elliec831 , for your advice and kind reply .

    I started yest increasing vitamin c I managed 800 mg and will keep doing this for a week to see if I can get rid of this infection . Is methylcobamin is that B12 as I'm taking a B complex started it last sat which prob messed up my blood results and prob should have told doctor .

    Thank you :)

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