Do these thyroid results imply hypothyroidism?

I have all the symptoms of hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue. However, my blood results do not overtly suggest I need treatment for hypothyroidism.

Could any supply opinions on what the probability is that my blood test results explain the symptoms I am having?

Thank you very much ahead.

DHEA-sulfát 6.32 | |*| | 5.10-9.00 umol/l

Glukóza 5.3 | |*| | 3.9-5.6 mmol/l

CRP 0.2 | |*| | 0.0-5.0 mg/l

TSH 2.960 | |*| | 0.270-4.200 mIU/l

Free T4 14.6 | |*| | 12.0-22.0 pmol/l

Free T3 4.65 | |*| | 3.10-6.80 pmol/l

Kortizol-S odběr ráno 805 | | | +| 263-724 nmol/l

Testosteron 24.18 | |*| | 10.00-34.00 nmol/l

FAI (Testosteron/SHBG) 84.84 | |*| | 30.00-150.00 %

Estradiol 0.134 | |*| | 0.095-0.223 nmol/l

17-hydroxyprogesteron 1.96 | |*| | 1.90-6.52 nmol/l

DHEA nekonjugovaný 27.39 | | |+ | 5.60-23.00 nmol/l

Androstendion 21.62 | | | + | 1.75-8.60 nmol/l

Progesteron 0.518 | | |+ | 0.000-0.474 nmol/l

SHBG 28.5 | |*| | 9.4-61.3 nmol/l

Dihydrotestosteron 3.39 | |*| | 0.90-3.60 nmol/l

Pregnenolon 1.5 | |*| | 0.0-3.4 nmol/l

Pregnenolon Sulfát 75.6 | |*| | 0.0-270.0 nmol/l

Allopregnanolon 0.19 | |*| | 0.00-0.91 nmol/l

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TSH 2.96 indicates your thyroid is beginning to struggle but FT4 and FT3 are within range. In the UK you would not get treatment for hypothyroidism until TSH is >4.2 or FT4 <12.0.

I'm not able to interpret cortisol and sex hormone results but the four below are over range. You could Google "Kortizol-S over range" etc. for information or discuss with your doctor.

Kortizol-S odběr ráno 805 | | | +| 263-724 nmol/l

DHEA nekonjugovaný 27.39 | | |+ | 5.60-23.00 nmol/l

Androstendion 21.62 | | | + | 1.75-8.60 nmol/l

Progesteron 0.518 | | |+ | 0.000-0.474 nmol/l

Thanks Clutter, yes I noticed which ones were out of range and I also noticed that the thyroid hormones are all within range. However, I'm also aware that merely looking at whether or not everything is in range does not always tell the full story.

For example, I understand that many people have suffered hypothyroidism and then found relief through treatment even when all their levels were technically within range from the beginning. I suppose I wonder if I might be in that category.

Was just hoping to someone might be able to provide some somewhat further analysis beyond that of whether or not everything is within range.


You may well be in the category of of people who benefit from treatment with TSH in range but you are likely to have difficulty persuading your doctor to prescribe it. Many people have benefited from treatment when TSH has been >2.5 but they usually have to self-source medication and self-medicate.

I am very prepared to self-medicate. Just trying to figure out whether or not it would make sense to. Thanks for the feedback you've provided. Do you mostly just look at TSH or do you look at other hormones as well?

I don't see results of d3 and b12 and iron panel and selenium...which can make you feel like you are hypothyroid..and when nutrients you need for thyroid are can make the thyroid struggle....also...seems your hormones are out of balance and that can make you feel awful..i would google search engine on the balances that are too high etc and you will get a lot of info....

I take 10000 iu D3 + b12 every day and I try to eat beef often. Maybe I could try to take selenium too. Can you elaborate more on why you say my hormones are out of balance? I know the other two are out of range but I don't know why. I would be happy to share the rest of what I had tested but everything else is normal.

I might mention that I am on TRT, but that seemed to only bring my T and DHT into range. The Androstenedione was above range before I started TRT and I don't think I have had Prog tested before.

Thanks for helping me out. I'm working on also getting RT3 tested but it might take a while.

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