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Should I be taking T3

Results of latest blood test BUT I forgot and took thyroxine on day of test which may have scewed the result?

Serum free T4 level 23.3 pmol/L [11.0 - 23.0]

PMH thyroxine replacement

Serum TSH level 0.12 mU/L [0.27 - 4.5]

I am currently taking 125mcg Levo-thyroxine but still have symptoms of hypo; very tired- dry skin - dry , brittle hair- weight gain - muscle weakness etc.

Other meds I am on are

Pregabalin 75mg 3 times a day / Aspirin 75mg/Mirtazapine 45mg.

I am going to ask for Vitamin D3 as I think I might be deficient but wondering whether T3 would be beneficial?

I would be grateful for any imput

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As there is no FT3 result it is not possible to advise about T3.

If you are planning to test VitD - then I would also have B12 - Folate and Ferritin tested too. If those results are low your thyroid hormone T4 will not convert well ....

Are any of your other meds contra-indicated with T4 ?


CHAPMAN_LYNNE - You can't know whether or not you need T3 unless FT4 and FT3 are tested at the same time. You probably wont get FT3 done on the NHS so doing a fingerprick test with Blue Horizon or Medichecks is your best bet. If you don't need vitamins and minerals testing then their TSH/FT4/FT3 test will be enough and is very reasonably priced. Make sure you do it as early as possible in the morning, fast overnight and leave off Levo until after the test.


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