Palpitations after eating


Wondered if anyone experienced heart palpitations after eating food?

I have Hashimotos, following gluten free diet with good levels of Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Ferritin and Folate. Also taking adrenal support (Adrenavive II).

Currently taking 50mcg of T3 in 3 doses during the day (25mcg, 12.5mcg and 12mcg) at least 1 hour before/after food - approx 6am, 10:30am and 4:30pm

The palpitations only occur in the late afternoon/evening , never in the morning or early afternoon. They last for around 30 minutes not severe but still unpleasant.

Any ideas what could be causing this and any way of fixing it?




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46 Replies

  • Sugar? Gluten free carb replacements? What sort of meals do you have in the evening now that you're gluten free?

  • Pretty much low carbs, home made burgers, chilli or scrambled eggs. Sometimes throw in a sweet potato

  • You need more carbs. The palpitation probably caused by cortisol spike to comensate for lack of glucose. Take carb snacks in the afternoon.

  • I haven't - could you expand on what an autonomic problem is please

  • Just to add heart rate in low 80s - first thing in the morning it's high 50s. Also the palpitations have lasted a couple of hours.

    This is the first day increasing my dose to 50mcg - wonder if if my body needs to get used to increased dose

  • Hi Mike, are you self medicating or have you been medically advised to increase dosage? If self, try going back to last known quantity taken before palpitations started, also is the Adrenavive a new addition to your meds, if so it may affect the effects of the T3. Have a chat with your local pharmacist first and tell him, they are v knowledgable and I've even found mine will look things up online or in his voluminous medical book, if he hasn't got an immediate answer.

    I hope you find your answer soon though - palpitations are quite unpleasant and sometimes worrying when they do occur.

  • Hi,

    I'm self medicating and been on the Adrenavive for 6-7 weeks now.

    I'll decrease my dosage as you suggested and see if that makes a difference. I'm intrigued by your theory regarding the evening meal and laying around as I only get the palpitations in the evening.



  • Your 3rd and lowest dose would appear possibly to trigger the palpitations, give yourself a few weeks ?6 or few days on new 3rd dosage to see what happens, unless like me your body reacts quickly to new meds or altered dosages. Good luck.

  • Will try that thank-you

  • Does it happen to you at any meal or just in the evening? This is the thing that I find weird - it only happens in the late afternoon/evening for me

  • Ah OK. I got mine yesterday when starting to eat a handful of nuts and seeds. I know it's not a reaction to the nuts and seeds as I have them for breakfast, along with a banana and have no problem.


  • I have them after eating too although not as bad now since GP advised no caffeine so only decaf coffee / tea. Definitely helps!

  • Thanks

  • Tried magnesium supplements?

    When taking vitamin D supplements we need more magnesium

  • Slow Dragon, there is nothing 'easy' about immune health and having checked out the link, the website is not a Honcode or Trusted one! I've seen that site before, it's there to promote itself and generate sales. I was prescribed Oral Vit D3 abroad, which current new UK GP approved when I said I was buying the supplement here now.

  • There are loads of references to supplementing magnesium on here.

    That link was just the first I found

    Magnesium is a cofactor of vitamin D

    Personally I was so deficient in magnesium (after years on propranolol) that I couldn't tolerate any vitamin D, without magnesium first.

  • Hi Mike - I presume that immediately after breakfast/lunch you get up and are walking around more to/from somewhere but after that possibly spend several hours sitting (L shaped body) i.e as in Office work - Civil Servant judging from username? This could be putting internal pressure on your lower digestive system organs, slowing down blood flow to your heart, thereby making it 'gasp' for more oxygen from the recirculating blood cells . Purely my theory - but as turquoise suggested could be caffeine or high energy drink related, sudden intake of.

  • OK interesting points. Definitely lounging around in the evenings. Normally have one coffee a day in the morning but will cut that out to see if it helps.

    I didn't have the problem on previous dose of 43.75mcg T3 and am increasing dose by 6.25 every week - perhaps I've increased dose too quickly


  • Hi I have not got hashimotos but have Graves' disease and experienced awful heart palpitations when I was hyper-I've had rai this year and am now hypo. This has eased the heart palpitations- I do get the odd two or three every few days.

    The reason I am writing is after me seeing lots of different doc/specialist no one told me why we get these heart palpitations! Until I thought one day I was going to die,from the severity of them I saw s locum- lovely man- explained they are called benign eptopic beats...(he even drew me a diagram) don't get fobbed off with being told yr anxious or it's stress it's actually these beats happening because you have a thyroid problem

  • Thanks for that. I have been studying this disease for well over a year now and I almost always learn something new on a daily basis :-)

  • Hi Mikegov, do you find Adrenavine beneficial? I am on T3 only now and finding my stomach probs are much better but the old anxiety has returned so thinking adrenal support might help. Any advice?

  • I'm not too sure to be honest. I have followed Dr Peatfield's first adrenal support protocol of vitamins/minerals for about a year I guess but when I saw him he thought that my adrenals weren't too bad but needed a little bit more support, hence the use of Adrenavive. I have been on it for around 6 weeks now and was going to come off after about 6 months.

    I have used T3 prior to the combined use of Adrenavive and reached quite a high dose but was over-medicated and would again get the palpitations in the evening. I was rather hoping that the adrenal support would be the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle but I'm not too sure to be honest.

  • Hi, Some people can have a sensitivity to the adaptogenic herbs ashwaganda and rhodiola (in the AdrenaVive). They make heart race. Although as your reaction is only for 30mins it sounds like its not that, as you would feel it all day. I sometimes get heart palps with bananas later in the day. Reactions to foods can cause palps. If your pulse is racing 30mins-2hrs (check it while sitting resting) after eating food, then thats a useful indicator its possibly food related.

    Have a look on youtube for how to do the Sway Test. Its a simple DIY energy test can be used to check if you need or get on with certain foods and supplements; but make sure you're well hydrated before doing the test. Test foods at different times of day because our body can like something in the morning but dislike it at dinner time. Can also use the test to check dosage for meds and supplements.

    Theres a lot of sugar in a banana...which your body may prefer at a different time of day perhaps....


  • Thanks I will try that

  • Adrenavive II only contains Bovine Adrenal Cortex 125mg it doesn't contain adaptogenic herbs

  • Maybe it is due to T3. T4 and T3 increase heart rate and can cause palpitations. I have same symptom( palpitations after eating, less palpitations when eating food that is easily digested) since 3 years after I was on levo.

  • I was also thinking its due to the increase in T3. I'm increasing dose at 6.5mcg every week which may be a bit too fast - will stick on 50mcg for 3-4 weeks and see if I still get the palpitations.

    My palpitations only start when I eat in late afternoon/evening which makes me think I'm deficient in something at that time that I have enough in the morning (if that makes sense). Lot of points to consider in this thread :-)

  • Thanks for your reply, will maybe give Adrenavive a try.

    Think you should stick with 50mcg for a while to see if they lessen. It seems to be an ongoing learning curve!

  • I would say is the increase T3 T4 but I would see a cardiologist just to keep peace of mind .

  • Palpitations can be a symptom from hypothyroidism. My sister had it. If you continue having palpitations, you can try beta blocker medicine called propranolol. My sister takes propranolol 20mg 3 times a day. It works well for my sister. You can see a cardiologist to check it out if you wish. Hope you feel better.

  • Propranolol slows conversion & uptake of thyroid hormones and also lowers magnesium

    Might want to swop to different beta- blocker

    If she has Hashimotos look at hidden gluten intolerance

  • I didn't know that - have read of people using it in combination with increasing T3 dose and was something I was considering if palpitations didn't go

  • I was on Levo and propranolol for almost 20 years.

    More on my profile

    Gluten free diet enabled me to stop the propranolol

  • Thank-you

  • Are you sure that there are no palpitations at other times? The reason I ask is that I though I only had them while resting, but my 24 hour monitor showed that they were actually 24/7 but I didn't notice until I stopped for a rest - sleep, sit down after meal, meditation etc.

  • Yes very sure. The palpitations are very pronounced and always start just after starting to eat. Will start logging the frequency and duration to see if I can see a pattern

  • Hmmm... This happens to me, and it happens more when I eat starches (gluten and non gluten). Specifically, it happens when I eat potatoes, maize meal or polenta, couscous, flour, sugar, and most breads.

    It happened to me before I was medicated, and now it is happening less but I feel it more during supper than during the day. I'm not sure why.

  • I started adrenavive 11 approx 5 weeks ago. Palpitations were very frequent at first, now they are frequent.

    I spoke with Dr P, who advised me to stop taking levothyroxine for a week, then restart on reduced dose.

    Once I reintroduced that reduced dose, of levothyroxine, palpitations plus hypertension, came back, with a vengeance.

    My symptoms now, most often, begin in the evening. I try to ignore them, however, I tend to wake early with palpitations. My diastolic blood pressure, and heart rate are easily over 100 bpm (tachycardia), each morning since restarting meds.

    Today, I decided to miss a dose of levothyroxine and feel much better in myself, so far.

    Tea and coffee (I only normally have 2 tea, 1 coffee a day), make my palpitations worse, so I have stopped drinking tea and coffee. Bananas, which I love, increase pottassium, so I have reduced intake to one banana, every other day.

    Dr P has got me to reduce my levothyroxine dose twice in 5 weeks, with the intention of reducing further, whilst increasing adrenavive 11. For this reason, I believe it is the thyroid meds that are problematic.

    I guess its all trial and error, until we reach the correct dose, of both thyroid and adrenal meds/supplements.

    Good luck.

  • Hi,

    Yes my guess would be thyroid medication but some interesting points have been raised in the thread.

    I have tried T3 without Adrenavive and had the same problem. I'm going to spend some time on 50mcg to see if they stop eventually.

    Good luck to you too

  • Thanks.

    Yes, all trial and error. I was lucky to phone the office and Dr P answered the phone! Perhaps, you could just ask his advice, (as I did), if all else fails? He was very pragmatic and reassuring.

    Take care.

  • Hi Mikegov I also get ectopic heartbeats, mine are not necessarily after I have eaten, they can also be when I am hungry. I can also go days without any then the next couple with a few here and there. I am on 50mcg Levo and had the 24 hour Holter monitor done end of last year. Doctors just say nothing to worry about, I do have stage 2 adrenal fatigue as well, I have a stressful job. My bp is generally optimal at 118/78 and resting pulse of 54, albeit I am not an athlete by a long shot, naturally carrying a little more weight than I should, but these are all, shall I say, features of being hypo. I was interested in reading about the vegus nerve and the correlation to the stomach, some have written to say that a full stomach can push against the nerve and trigger the wrong signal to the hearts electrical system. Might be worth a read

  • Cheers Steve will check that out

  • Have you had an ECG done at the time you have palpitations? Is the beat regular or irregular? It's possible that you have something else going on that may have been triggered by other inflammatory conditions. It's only possible to tell from detailed examination of the ECG trace.

  • I had an ECG done in February, with palpitations and the results were fine.

    I had the 24 hour ECG holster test recently and am due back at hospital to get the results soon

  • Mikegov That's good. I expect the docs are checking for atrial fibrillation and other electrical disorders. I think the incidents being in the evening may suggest involvement of the vagus nerve. I have AF which tends to kick off in the manner you describe. As well, as others have suggested, you might have magnesium or other electrolyte deficiency. This doesn't show up in blood tests as the problem is intracellular, ie inside the cells, whereas the tests are usually of serum. You might want to consider discussing the whole thing with a nutritionist. You may be able to find one who takes a holistic non medical approach via the Institute of Functional Medicine. Where do you live? The IFM is US based but includes UK registrations. I'm not sure about other countries. If you are interested i am happy to share more of my thoughts, research, ideas etc.

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