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Help! Does anyone do better on westhroid than nature-throid?

Hi guys,

I know these are the same but I've swopped over to nature thyroid and I'm getting very bad (aching joints, teary, overwhelmed, lack of concentration). Other changes: my doc stopped my 2mg diazepam for sleep and now on quietipine (seraquel). Could this hinder thyroid absorption? Really not well. Tia

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I am sorry I cannot comment on your second question as I don't know anything about these two drugs. But are Westhroid and Naturethroid really still the same? I thought Westhroid is now called WP Thyroid and is a hypoallergenic version of NDT...? I know many do extremely well on WP which, unlike NatureT, does not contain cellulose. If you have indeed switched from WP to NT, that could explain the change in symptoms, because NT contains more fillers than WP and it's possible you need to take more of it for that reason.


Hi Anna, thanks for reply. The prescription said west thyroid. Im not sure if they ever gave me wp I will have to go and se the bottle they get them out of. This could be the reason but im sure it wasnt wp and was maybe old west throid stock.


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