switching from nature throid. help please

I am now paying 600 pounds per yr for nature throid and am on benefits. I need to try and switc to thyroxine. I tried before but my GP knows nothing about naturethroid so he put me on too low a dose. I have severe ME so was bedbound and very ill. I am on 2 1/2 grains. Has anyone switched and can you advise me about how to go about it...slowly? many thanks in advance for any help as I can rarely use the pc just now.

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  • Branders,

    No need to put your email on the forum, members can use private messages. Click on the email notification you will be sent to alert you that a private message has been sent or click on the red dot above your username on the HealthUnlocked banner.

    You could try Thai NDT, Thyroid-S or Thiroyd, which is much cheaper than NatureThroid, about £40 for 1,000 x 1 grain tablets. You should allow 20% customs VAT plus £8 RM handling fee on top so around £56 in total if your parcel is assessed by HMRC.

    If you want to switch to Levothyroxine you can switch straight over. 2.5 grains is equivalent to 162.5mcg Levothyroxine.

  • thyroid-s from our supplier normally gets thru without customs interference

  • RFU,

    I've suggested that supplier to Branders but it is always a good idea to factor in the VAT and handling charges just in case.

  • plus the new aggravation of using western union instead of easy paypal

  • RFU,

    It's always been part of PP's t&cs that prescription drugs should not be bought and sold. Surprises me that so many sellers got away with it for so long.

  • its still very sad though hitting those already seriously failed by the NHS

  • I'm sorry sourcing your own hormones are too expensive and quite understand.

    It's quite simple to switch from one to another, i.e. NDT to levo or Levo to NDT etc.

    I'd discuss with your GP to get a blood test before you begin and after six weeks on your new regime.

    As you tried levothyroxine previously ask if your GP would consider adding some T3 to your T4, say 10mcg of T3 (initially) to 125mcg of levo and after six weeks another blood test. Depending how you are feeling and if you have symptoms ask for an increase of 10mcg (approx 30mcg of levo). Take your pulse/temp before beginning as that can sometimes point to taking too much so you just lower your dose.

    There's new research which has been accepted that some people do need the addition of T3 to T4. I shall give you a link for this shortly.

    Also ask GP to check B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate if they've not been done recently.

  • This is the new Paper which has been accepted re adding T3 to T4.


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