Give me an advice please😑

I live in Sweden and dont know so much English but i want some advice from you please.Doors closed in front of me now because my doctor still doesnot believe that im still tierd ,gain weight, lose my hair no life desire and still have a poor concentration . This is my last lab he said that im very well and my lab test is perfect .So please could you have a look on my lab test and see realy why i cant lose weight or be in a good health and mood ?😑 .I stopped Livothyroxin directly and now dont know where can i bye NDT and what to do .

So whats my problem with tierdness and no desire of doing anything in life 😑 .

I took Levothyroxing 25 before now for about 2 and half month but now have no medicine .

Iron is 11 umol/L from 9_34

TSH is 2.3 0,4_4,0T

F T4 is 12 10,22

Fri T3 is 4.7 3,3_6,0

TPO is 247 35

Vit D is 121 50,178

I thank you from my heart .

Evin Hussein

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What diagnosis were you given?

Your TPO blood test result confirms you have Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroiditis.

You would have been prescribed 25mcg Levothyroxine as the start dose of the treatment for the Hypothyroidism that it causes.

Your dose should now be increased to 50mcg . This usually happens after repeat blood tests after 6 to 8 weeks from commencement of Levothyroxine treatment.

So why has it been stopped? Why have you no medicine?

Please query this.

Your TSH needs to be brought down some more.

Could you see a different Doctor?

Write a list of all your symptoms and show to doctor. Take your temperature for a few mornings and if it is low then add this to your list. You could ask youreceptionist doctor for an Ultrasound scan of your Thyroid. Have you any neck/throat/ swallowing problems?

Could you also ask doctor for blood test for Folate levels and B12 or MMA test.

Thanks for reply..

I have stopped my Levothyroxin because i was still tierd and didnt benifit from it plus i gain weight more .I was diagnosed with Hashimoto and hypothyroidism but this is after 2 years untill my doctor discover it😐.

My doctor refused to do more test because he claimed that im good and dont need more test .But i will change my doctor for sure if it needs.

I have recently problem with my neck like inflammation and pain but this happnens sometimes and not always .

Even my doctor said that i should stay on 25 Levo.

Can i have NDT or do you see my t3 is in a good level?

Do i need cortisol and adrenal test too?

Do you ssee that my brain fogg , fatigue , joint pain and all because of only Hashimoto?


Evin I am not medically qualified so can only speak from my own personal experience.

I too was left undiagnosed for many years.

I asked my doctor for an Ultrasound scan of my Thyroid. When he got results he made an urgent referal to an Endocrinologist. I was given a Short Synacthen Test to check my adrenals first before I was started on Levothyroxine. I was started on the 50mcg dose and retested in 6 weeks then increased to 75mcg.

You could ask your doctor to arrange an Ultrasound scan of your Thyroid and refer you to an Endocrinologist. You could enquire also about having a Short Synacthen Test if you wish.

You would not feel much better on 25mcg for 2 and half months. We start low and increase gradually to full dose. This is because it is dangerous to start straight away on full dose. You should feel better when you have been on your full dose for a while. It takes some time to feel the benefits of your Levothyroxine.

Every cell in the body needs Thyroxine to function. Without it none of our organs can work properly. This is why we get so many symptoms.

You have Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroiditis. You would have been prescribed Levothyroxine because you have Hypothyroidism. You should take that every day for the rest of your life. Eat healthy diet (low calorie , reducing when feeling better) and gradually increase stress free exercise to at least half hour x 3 per week (walking, swimming or cycling). Avoid strenuous exercise.

I think you should go straight back to your doctor and ask for what I suggested above. If doctor decides to treat you or if you see Endo I think whenever you start back on your Levothyroxine (and this should be soon as posdible) that it should be 50mcg dose. You should have more blood tests in 6 to 8 weeks and dose increased.

With Hashimoto's your antibodies attack your Thyroid gland. Whenever you have a cold or other infection as your antibodies increase to fight it then your Thyroid comes under more severe attack.

Welcome to our forum,

Don't worry too much about your English as at least you have some knowledge and I don't of any other language.

First you need a decent dose of levothyroxine. 25mcg is a starting dose and you should have had increases every 6 weeks until you felt much better.

Endocrinologists worldwide seem to be clones, in that they don't think outside the box in treating their hypothyroid patients.

Our TSH should be 1 or lower and some need it suppressed to feel well. Your FT4 is very low and FT3 could be higher.

It is urgent that you begin taking levothyroxine again as hypothyroidism (hashi's) is a very serious condition and we need thyroid hormone replacements to enable our bodies to work efficiently. Our brain and heart need the most and we have billions of T3 receptors in our body which need the hormones. Levothyroxine is T4 and converts to T3 but we do need sufficient levothyroxine.

Others will respond to your other results that I haven't mentioned. Too low a dose can make us feel worse.

You also need B12, iron, ferritin and folate tested. Everything has to be 'optimum'.

Blood tests should be at the very earliest, fasting and allow a gap of 24 hours between last dose of levo and the test and take afterwards. This gives the best results as most doctors only look at the TSH.

As you've stopped levo at present it's a perfect time to get new tests. Post your results with the ranges.

Thanks for the reply Shaws 😊.

I have checked my last lab test and my Folat was very high 2 times .

612 and the other was 653

The birmal is 215

But why cant i take NDT ? Do you see that my T3 is normal because i didnt understand when you said that( my T3 could be higher).

I will find a special doctor for my situation.

Have a good day 💚💖

No one said you cannot take NDT. You would have to source this yourself, so would have to put up a new paragraph requesting a Private Message to be sent to you as no information is permitted on the open forum.

There is only one non-prescription NDT and it was developed by one of Thyroiduk's Adviser, Dr John Lowe. I shall give you a link for information. His widow Tammy (Dr Lowe died) now deals with NDT (Thyro Gold) and if you have any queries, if you decide to trial it, will give advice. I believe it is quite strong so take a very low dose initially. You can open the capsule.

When we are hypothyroid we need a very low TSH 1 or lower with a Free T4 and Free T3 towards the upper part of the range. The following will be informative and we have to read and learn in order to get back to good health.

You will be interested in the following:

Thanks Shaws for the info and i would like before beginning to have NDT to have my real tests and i prefer to find a doctor to have alll my Tests and then come back to you to ask for a prescription.

Would i come back to you again in the near future please ?

Alll my respect 😊

I think you are correct to have your blood tests done before you switch.

You are a member of Healthunlocked and any questions you have will have a response.


Evino, I am not medically qualified just had a bad experience, like many on this forum, and remained undiagnosed for a long time.

You are welcome to ask any questions you want answered and put them on a new post. Most times some members have had actual experience of a particular question and respond due to their own experiences.

Thanks for your reply Shaws😊.

But i didnt understand when you said that (my T3 could be higher )do you mean it is still low? My doctor said you are perfect but i can understand that he only knows to say this .

No problem i will fix my health but why dont you recommend NDT to me and i will try to buy it ?

I will find another doctor for sure to do all blood test.

Thanks a lot 💚💛

Evin what date were these blood tests? Are they recent? Do you have your first tests?

Your TSH is still too high for someone with Hashi & Hypo.

If doctor does more blood tests remember to ask for Folate and B12 Levels or MMA .



Hi Mary..

My last test was in 2017-06-16.

Yes i do have my old tests and i will right it down here some of them:


TSH :4,2

Folat : 653 nmol/L 215

T4: 10


TSH: 3,2

T4: 14


TSH: 2,8

TPO: 280

Folar: 612

Ferritin : 10 _____ 7/120


TSH: 7,2


T4: 11

Iron: 8

Ferritin :30/7_120

And my last one was in 2017/06/16

Iron :11 /9_34

T4: 12

T3: 4,7

TPO: 247

Now i want to change my doctor because he doesn't make enough lab for me.We donr have in Sweden goid doctor..

Thanks Mary i do my best to be good..

Thanks alot💖


If you can see your doctor and ask for presription for 50mcg Levothyroxine I think you will start to feel better fairly soon. Then in 6 to 8 weeks time go up to 75mcg after retesting.

If you get the Ultrasound scan and Short Synacthen Test all the better.

X Mary

I will do it all you have recommended.🤗

Have a nice night☺

I am not sure but I don't think you are allowed to import NDT into Sweden?

Anyway you need more levo. Have a look at the thyroid UK website for the advice to show your doctor although he clearly knows nothing so best to find another.

Thanks for your reply Mistydog

I will try to have a good doctor in the near future.

All my respect


In the following post, cursor down to humanbean's comment and I think you will learn a lot.


I think you should give T4 a try first, and only if that turns out not to work optimally for you (which you won't know until you have been on it for a while and tried various doses) try T3 or NDT. There are several reasons for this approach:

1) as discussed here before, many if not most hypothyroid patients do well on T4 only,

2) it's the drug most conventional doctors prefer, so you should have no problems getting a prescription for it, provided your labs warrant it (TSH above range, FT4 below range; preferably also FT3 below range if doctor willing to test that),

3) T4 drugs are cheap and easy to get compared to T3 and especially NDT,

4) Both synthetic T3 (available in Sweden as prescription drug Liothyronin) and NDT tend to suppress your TSH; something that makes most doctors freak out and tell you that you are overmedicated and need to go back on T4 only immediately. Of course, you can ignore your doctor, but it's not easy to constantly fight ignorant doctors telling you that you risk everything from osteoporosis to heart disease if your TSH doesn't stay in range.

Don't just assume that T4 only drugs are not enough for you. IMHO, T3 or NDT should be someone's last resort, and not something to try before knowing that T4 is not for you. Believe me, if T4 worked optimally for me, I'd be on it.

If you are a good converter, T4 only should be enough for you. However, you need to raise your dose high enough so that enough T4 is available for T3 conversion. It's impossible to tell how much T4 that would require, as we are all different, so it's all about trial and error. But 50 mcg of T4 daily is a starting dose, not a maintenance dose and, if hypothyroid, you cannot expect to feel well on that in the long run.

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