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New test results - lots of questions

New test results - lots of questions

Hi there,

I'm on a low dose Levo and I got this test done to set a baseline before taking NDT.

I'm undermedicated going by my results, my T4 is just over halfway (52%) and my T3 is under a third of the way (30.54%).

However T4 seems high compared to T3. I did the blood test before taking any Levo. Is it high?

Symptoms wise - I feel tired in the afternoons but fine in the morning. Hair is still falling out a lot, dry skin, dry eyes, constipated, irritable, memory pretty bad.

My B12 is way off the scale - I've been supplementing like a demon so I'd better hold back for a while. I thought we couldn't go over so much on B12 as our bodies just got rid of it. Can someone explain this please.

Folate seems low in range - what does folate do? I wasn't supplementing my other B's as well as B12. Can I supplement folate on its own?

I'm also not sure how my Ferritin has improved as I haven't taken any iron at all.

Could it be because I have been taking some things to help heal a leaky gut that perhaps I am absorbing nutrients better now? How do you know if the leaky gut has improved?

Any comments to answer my questions above or to flag up anything I can't notice in the test results would be really appreciated.

Thanks so much,


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Not sure how to edit post but my FT4 is under half way (42%) not just over half as initially I initially thought.


This is how to edit your posts:


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