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Best place to buy vitamin D??

Apparently I am very low in vitamin D, B12 and lacking calcium.. I dont drink milk, I am gluten free and I am investigating thyroid problems waiting on results. I need a good source of reliable vitamins that work. Note : I also have lyme disease and co infections which I am going to be under treatment from a new .. lets not say doctor but former lyme sufferer tomorrow. I am desperate to figure out why I am so zombified all the time!!

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You need to know your results so that you know what dose of supplement to take.

Vit D is fat soluble so any excess gets stored, too much and you can reach toxicity level.

B12 is water soluble so any excess gets excreted but no point in buying too high a dose or you waste money.

Calcium you have to know you are deficient before supplementing. Supplementing with Vit D aids absorption of calcium from food, so if you supplement with D3 you could very well not need to supplement calcium anyway.

I use good quality supplements and am happy to give suggestions for brands and suppliers when you have your results and know what doses you need.


What were your Calcium results? Could you post on here?

Were you also tested for PTH and Phosphorus levels?

Could you also post your VitD and B12 results. It would be a good idea to post B12 on Pernicious Anemia forum for their advice. Did you have Folate and Ferritin tested also? Are they ok? I believe that the MMA test is a more reliable / specific test than B12 levels but best for Pernicious Anemia forum to advise on this.

Your GP should address all these deficiencies and prescribe. You may need B12 injections every three months.

If you do have Hypothyroidism them you should get all your presriptions free of charge.



If your B12 is low and it isn't because of lack of B12 in your diet then that needs to be treated properly and ideally you need to get to the bottom of why you are having the problem. PA is the most common cause of non-dietary deficiency - but there are others - including a lot of drug interactions.

B12 deficiency isn't something that happens suddenly - it happens over years or even decades and is a very serious condition.

Treatment regimes vary from country to country and there is a lot more information on B12 deficiency on the PAS forum



I find the Better You sprays for B12 and Vit D really good, absorption is better than tablets. They also do turmeric now as well.

They also give money off spray when you do the vit D with them (city assays I think)

Good luck


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