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Safe place to buy thyroxine


Hi, newly diagnosed as hypo and have been chronically ill for a very long time. I'm in the typical situation where the NHS won't give me a prescription as my numbers aren't low enough and looking to source a reliable site online. If anyone can give me any sites (even cryptically), I'd really appreciate it.

Also, what starting dose is recommended? I'm in a very weakened state. After years of trying every protocol for one diagnosis or another, it was a brief week on a kelp supplement that put me in a total healing crisis and thought it would kill me - not touching that again. Is 50mg a standard starting dose or would I be safer at 25mg.

Male, btw. Formerly fit.

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Do you have your numbers that you can share with us? I unfortunately don't know of anywhere that sells T4 (only T3).

Can't remember the exact figure. It was 1 point something. My brain is absolute mush these days. Was told it was within range.

Lizzz9 in reply to badgerking88

You can buy generic synthroid (thyroxine) here without script


Do you have Hashimoto's (high antibodies) also known as autoimmune thyroid. About 90% of hypo in UK are due to autoimmune

If not had antibodies tested ask for it to be done. If you have Hashimoto's then kelp is definitely not a good idea

Have you had vitamin D, folate, ferritin & B12 tested

Add your test results including ranges on here, members can advise

I don't have the exact figures to hand. I've had many nutritional deficits checked for and they're in range - although usually a little bit low. I've also spent lengthy times on one supplement or another without any relief.

If you go to the main Thyroid UK site there is a list of recommended companies that offer thyroid function testing

Badgerking, your post is a little contradictory in that you say you are newly diagnosed but you've not been prescribed. That doesn't make sense.

If you get your results with ranges from your surgery and post them here, people will be able to advise.

badgerking88 in reply to BootsOn

Sorry. What I meant was my results were within range but low which is why I've been denied a prescription. I've looked at the symptoms of hypothyroidism and it explains all my symptoms. Kind of self-diagnosed as I've read of a lot of others struggling to get prescriptions. I only had the results read to me and it's difficult to get a copy.

Marz in reply to badgerking88

You are legally entitled to copies of your results ☺

BootsOn in reply to badgerking88

It shouldn't be difficult as they are your results by law. Ring your surgery and ask the receptionist to read you your results with the ranges in brackets. If s/he refuses, make an appointment with a GP to get them.

Yes, as other members have said here, ask for a printout of your test results. Then post on here with ranges.

I had to fight to get a trial of levo, and then it showed I should have been on it. NICE Guidelines suggest a trial if you're subclinical to look at symptoms:

Hello,,,,you can be given a print out of the test results,,,and the gp will explain them to you,,and give you an explanation as to why they are not prescribing thyroxine/levothyroxine for you,,,and these drugs are POM,,which is Prescription Only Medicines,,and cannot be bought over the counter in the UK,,,,and medicines from other countries may not be safe to take without medical supervision,,as they need to be monitored,,,ttfn from karen.

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