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Hoshimotos or something else

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I have every symptom of HYPOthyroidism but blood work is not consistent. Dr has no clue. I am in the US I'm not sure if things are different. If anyone could shed some light I'd be eternally grateful. Looking for support and maybe a friend who is going through the same thing....

TSH 1.74 (.3-3.7)

T4 5.7 (4.0-12.0)

Free t4 .84 (.53-1.43)

T3 79.4 (60-180)

Free t3 3.2 (2.4-4.2)

IGA 1 (.3-3)

IGG 3 (.5-3)

TPO <.2 (0.0-9.0)

B12 188 (211-911) LOW

Vit d 18 (30-100) LOW

Iron 135 (40-170)

Iron binding 396 (250-450)

Ferritin 9.3 (10-291) LOW

As you can see the only things considered low are the vitamins and ferritin 😩 Help!!!!

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Hey Gina. I understand your frustration and concerns.. been there and still fighting to get optimal. I'm hoping the more senior members will chime in about your labs, but I have to ask: did you fast prior to bloodwork and leave 24 hour gap between blood work and any thyroid meds (if you are taking any)? There's are a lot of reference posts one can read here to understand/interpret your labs just search "Hashimoto's". Your ferritin, B12 and D3 levels are clearly flagged as low of course so these are def a concern. Search also the topic "low ferritin" and "low B12" etc. to get some insight from other posts on these topics.

There are many threads to read with similar situations - here's one of many


PS: this site also has lots of good material for the thyroid patient to reference:


You are in the right place as there is lots of wisdom to be found here!


Gina1229 in reply to Rusty64

Thanks son much for your reply and the links for reference. I do not take thyroid meds so that's not the cause of any lab abnormalities and yes I was fasting. Again I appreciate your reply :-)


Have you considered gluten intolerance, silent Coeliac or gut infections



An endoscopy to check this out or at least see a gastroenterologist

Low stomach acid another possibility


Gina1229 in reply to SlowDragon

Hello and thanks for responding. I was tested for celiac and it was negative, I was also tested for gluten allergy, also negative. Of course that doesn't mean I'm not sensitive to it. I did go to a Gastro. He wants to do a scope, a swallow camera and biopsies. I am scared to death to have this all done so I cancelled my operation :( it had been scheduled for July 6th ....

DeniceC in reply to Gina1229

Hi Gina, I have had all 3 tests done here in US. You have nothing to fear- no pain. The tests are relatively quick as well.

Gina1229 in reply to DeniceC

Did they put you under sedation? I don't want to do the clean out drink 😣 I'm afraid of infection and then taking biopsies of my stomach and intestines

DeniceC in reply to Gina1229

Yes propofol. No pain from biopsy. No clean out drink.


Camera down the throat with mild sedation, your not even aware it's been done. Seems just a few seconds that your in theatre and your all done, no pain what so ever.

I was dreading it too, but it was fine. Would do it again without any worries if it was ever required.

Gina1229 in reply to SlowDragon

Thank you for the reassurance :)

Gina: l second Rusty's suggestion of stopthethyroidmadness.com

l wouldn't be on my way to recovering without it. l also highly suggest checking out the Facebook groups (10-20k ppl in each) based on the site. The main one is:


There are some very knowledgeable and experienced people here who are more than happy to answer your questions and help you figure this out

Gina1229 in reply to Luciddreem

Thank you so much!

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