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New bloods, some improvement

Latest bloods (partial results):

Free T3: 4.5 (3.5-5.5)

Ferritin: 102.5 (12-291)

March 2015

Free T3: 3.8

Ferritin: 157

Not got TSH or free T4 yet.

Ferritin is down because I started taking my iron every other day rather than daily (was shooting for maintenance of the March level). Will go back to every day for a while.

I won't be making any T3 dose changes until after Endocrinology Clinic at the end of the month but do you think there's room for another 6.25mcg? Currently taking 150mcg T4 and 6.25mcg T3.



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Hose, I think an extra 6.25mcg would be the limit. It might tip you very slightly over range. Not sure your endo will approve an increase, they're very happy with mid-range.


It all depends on how you feel. This matters much more than the numbers.

The endo might be happy with mid range, but the reason you are taking thyroid medication is not to make the endo happy, it is to make you well.

You did not mention if you feel well, if you are functioning OK at these levels. that is the important factor.

Marie xx

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I'm still tired and my hair is still coming out more than I would like. I'm going to get my ferritin back up to 160pmol/l and try to find out how much ferrous fumarate to keep it there.

I am waking up three or four (absolute minimum of two) times a night to go to the toilet; full wees so that's disturbing my sleep quite a bit and has done for a few years now. I'm pretty certain that it's not wonky blood sugars since I'm hypervigilant about those (prediabetic already).

My periods have come back in the last month, which would suggest that merely being 'in range' for fT3 is no good for me. Unless it's entirely unrelated. Who can tell?

I do not feel full of vitality, if that makes sense. Libido has gone for a burton too :(


I personally only feel well if my T3 is high in the range.


Maybe I'll discuss at Endo Clinic and see what they say (with the proviso that I get to ignore their advice). I wanted to try T3 as I do a lot of exercise and have the perception that as it waxes and wanes more quickly than T4 (think speedboat versus super tanker) it would be more responsive and easier to adjust up and down if I got injured / ill and couldn't run / exercise to the same intensity.


Ferritin 102 is fine. Don't go higher.


Depends on the range, gabkad. With a range of 12-291ug/ml 102 is not even halfway in range; it equates to about 45ng/ml, so still well shy of the 70ng/ml recommended by the National Academy of Hypothyroidism.


Thanks hose. I didn't pay attention to the units of measurement.


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