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Supplement advice please

I take 210mg ferrous fumarate due to iron anaemia secondary to heavy periods, 5mg folic acid but no idea which vitamin D to use. I alternated between using 1000iu and 300iu instead of 800iu I was prescribed. Results for ferritin and folate were before supplementing, D after supplementing and B12 I have done nothing about. Thanks for feedback.

Ferritin 98 (15 - 400)

MCV 76.1 (80 - 98)

Haemoglobin 126 (115 - 150)

MCHC 378 (310 - 360)

Iron 9.2 (6 - 26)

Folate 2.26 (2.50 - 19.50)

Vitamin B12 362 (190 - 900)

Total 25 OH vitamin D 67.2

(<25 severe deficiency

25 - 50 deficiency

50 - 75 suboptimal

>75 adequate

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Even 1,000mcg of vitamin D is a maintenance dose. Look up the guidelines from The Vitamin D Council.

Try taking your iron with an orange for vitamin C, to improve absorption & increase your folate. Don't take it close to THs or with calcium rich foods as this reduces hw much you absorb.

B12 is also low. I got mine up to the top of the range with sublingual methylcobalamin.

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I've read D3 is the best version to Vitamin D to take, and that 10,000 units a day is what to take to get levels up. Keep in mind as well that simply taking the vitamin is in my experience not enough, as specifically for this vitamin, it is said it is not well-assimilated by the body. Meaning UVB ray supplementation is also necessary. Since UVB rays only come through at certain times of the day (based on sun ray angle of entry through the atmosphere) and virtually not at all in November, December, and January (where I live), UVB sun lamp use is the way to go. You can find these online or go to a sun lamp location mear you, just make sure you use the UVB-only ones, as you do not need UVA. Short, frequent exposure is what is recommended, and it is postulated the body takes more than just vitamin D benefits from the light.


D2 is useless. I took a lot & had extremely low levels. Worse as I was very sun shy due to burning in 20 minutes prior to taking THs. Now I can tolerate some sunshine, & sunblock if I need to.

I can't afford a UVB, so aim for 4,000ius of D3 a day as I'm smaller than average. Less if I've been outdoors for 30 minutes late morning to mid-afternoon.

Some people I've come across still have low levels, despite plenty of sunshine, so it's good to be aware of how well one's body produces D from sunshine, & how well one absorbs D3 supplements.


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