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Thyroid and Blood Test Results

TSH: 0.74 (0.3 - 5)

Serum Free T3: 3.5 (3.25 - 6.1)

Serum Free T4: 12.2 (9 - 19)

Serum Vitamin D: 145 (80 - 150)

Serum Cortisol: 553 (171 - 618)

Neutrophil Count: 1.2 (2 - 7.5)

Total White cell Count: 3.4 (3.8 - 11)

Vitamin B12: 933 (200 - 1000)

Folate: 6.6 (4 - 18)

Ferritin: 248.7 (20 - 300)

Testosterone: 12.8 (8.4 - 28.7)

My GP said the test was normal, but I am not.

Under "Neutrophil Count" result on the test, it mentions "Borderline Neutropenia"

Please can somebody help interpret what the results could mean.

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Neutropenia can often be transient and is normally just a random result found on blood tests particularly if people have been ill with anything. If you have no history of random bacterial infections I wouldn't worry about it.

If you do have a history of random bacterial infections e.g. skin, UTI since childhood then ask the GP to go through your medical records and do a repeat full blood count in 3 months as both these are needed to confirm that you have a type that could cause you minor issues.

The treatment for it is follow basic hygiene measures e.g. shower/bathe everyday, wash your hands before eating, wash fruit and veg, don't pick up animal poo with bare hands. And if you do end up with a bacterial infection e.g. a skin one, then go to the doctor asap (e.g. make an on the day appointment) and get it treated. Normally they will give you a relevant antibiotic. Also make sure you don't end up nutrient deficient.

Oh and most the advice you will find online is for people who have a severe form of neutropenia, which you don't have. GPs tend to freak out when they see it as for some reason mild and moderate versions aren't mentioned and want to refer you to a specialist. However a haematologist, if you are an adult, or a paediatrician, if you are a child, can't do anything except advise you to stay well.

BTW if you are supplementing vitamin D and iron you need to stop. Your test results are too high in their ranges and these nutrients aren't water soluble.

Your thyroid results are euthyroid e.g. you have normal thyroid function.


Thank you bluebug, I have actually stopped taking all the supplements I was taking due to them having no effect whatsoever.

How can I explain feeling very poorly, if I am Euthyroid.

The only time I ever felt okay was 8 months ago when I took a supplement called "Natural Sources, Raw Thyroid" I felt like my old self again, but unfortunately itonly worked for 3 days and did not have any effects again.

The ingredients inside the supplement are as below

Thyroid Tissue, Adrenal Tissue, Pituitary Tissue, Thymus Tissue, Spleen Tissue, Maltodextrin (corn derivative) American Ginseng.

My main symptoms are slow speech, chronic fatigue, slow thinking, hoarse voice, difficulty concentrating, depression, anxiety, lack of drive, lack of libido, if that may help.

Thank you.


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