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Feeling frustrated

Just had my appointment with my endo and low and behold all of my tests have come back normal. All thyroid tests were done along with vitamin d, b hormones etc and everything is normal and endo feels no need to put me on any meds. He asked was i happy with he results and i said yes and no, yes to the fact i dont have a thyroid problem and no to the fact why do i get symptoms.

I do have small nodules on right lobe amd a 3cx2cm on left lobe so will be going to get fine needle biopsy. He did say looking at the ultrasound the nodules looks benign but he wants to be sure so wants the fnb done.

He did also say that the nodules dont really explain my symptoms.

At my first initial consultation he asked what vitamins/ medz i take and i told him along with the fact i had been supplementing with nascent iodine amd the iodine makes me feel normal so he told me yesterday to continue taking the iodine but just 1 or 2 drops per day. He did also point out we live in the wrong country with regards to low levels of iodine.

Obviously im now thinking i have thyroid cancer but will know for sure when i get the fine needle biopsy hopefully next week.

Does anyone else have nodules but clear blood tests ? Could my problem really just be low iodine which i must admit when i take it i feel remarkable.

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Jen, I dont think anyone could give you an informed comment without seeing the results of those blood tests. You should put them up here or in a new post with ranges and results.

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You know i didnt even ask for the results yesterday as i just wanted to believe the endo. Hes one of the best in the country apparently and i just wanted to trust he knew what he was talking about and Im sick of 2nd guessing drs amd then becoming obsessed with checking them on the Internet but i have decided i will get them when i go back for the biopsy which i hope they can do next week.


You should also get your iodine levels tested before continuing with it. Excess iodine is not a good thing.

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Currently trying to source who can do it. My doc said there are no labs here thay can test for them so will find someome im england i guess


I did a urine iodine test with Genova

END25 tests existing levels and can be used to monitor iodine supplementation.

Listed on the PDF here, and you need to order with Thyroid UK as your practioner.


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