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Unusual results and Symtoms

Hi guys bit of a strange one

For 2 months I have felt very ill, I sleep a lot, have lost 19pounds of weight, palpitations and hair loss

I went straight to a private endo and at my appt today he is a little confused

Coristol levels are fine - he suspected Addison's but all ok

Thyroid is very very low

Which would suggest an under active thyroid but he's baffled as I'm showing Symtoms of overactive

I'm back in 3 weeks and within that time in having my bloods rechecked along with kidney/liver tests

He wants to see if a pattern follows as he knows there is problem but at the minute isn't sure what

Normally I'm a healthy 34 year old with 2 children not major health problems apart from PTSD as my husband was killed in a collision 2 years ago

I'm just stressed now as I want my spark back to feel normal again

Thank you 😊

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Doctors don't normally know much about symptoms, so I'm not sure I'd give that much credence. What symptoms do you have? And what were your blood test results?


I have extreme fatigue and then sometimes I don't sleep at all

I don't train in the gym anymore due to lack of energy

Hair loss

Weight loss

Loss of appetite

Headrush when I stand up

And Hand tremors


I have results

Free t4 - 15.77 range is (12-22)

Tsh- 7.25 range is 0.27-4.2

Coristol -427 nmol


Well, your symptoms and your results, all say hypo. I cannot imagine where he got the idea that your symptoms were hyper!


He said it's because of the weight loss And the hot flushes etc

I have no idea about this as I just want my spark back

More tests in 3 weeks and then back to see him and check to see if my weight has changed


Weight loss is just as much a hypo symptom as a hyper symptom. It's true that the majority gain weight, but a lot lose weight, and some just stay as they are. You cannot base a diagnosis on one symptom. Hot flushes could be due to so many things, and certainly don't mean you're hyper.

With an endo like that, I'm afraid you're going to have to do a crash course in thyroid, because this man is probably going to make you sicker then you were before. He obviously knows very little about thyroid, but then, none of them do. I would have thought that it would be more important to retest you, and if your TSH is still high, then put you on thyroid hormone replacement. If you let him start treating you for hyperthyroidism - no matter what your weight - you are going to end up much worse off than you are now.

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Last week he thought it

Was possible Addison's or thyroiditis

So I guess I better get reading

Is there anything herbal I can take in the interim to give me some energy

And thank you for your help I really appreciate it


Stay away from herbs, they can be deceptive if you don't know what you're doing. And you can't replace hormones with herbs. Just make sure you're eating well, good clean food.

But, I'm confused, now. If he thought it was thyroiditis, how did he suddenly decide you were hyper? Has he tested your antibodies? It always amazes me when endos say they 'think' it's this or that, but then don't do the tests to back it up. I'm not surprised he's confused. But, then, it doesn't take much to confuse and endo! lol


From your results you are hypothyroid. You need levothyroxine.

I was diagnosed last May when my TSH was 9.28 and FT4 was 15. I was very unwell, fatigued all day, weak legs, losing hair, losing eyebrows, anxious, agoraphobic, weak and shaky walking, head rush on standing due to low bp.... that was daily (still is) and then if I overdid housework or went out to the park with the kids I'd have a crash where the weakness and fatigue was so bad I'd be bed ridden for a day or 2.

I still have those symptoms now, I still crash once a week, I still daily feel weak and drained, I have no energy to do anything. I take the kids to school, may walk my dog for 10 minutes, light housework then reset. SOme days I can't even get in the shower I feel that ill and hubby has to help me in.

An underactive thyroid can make you very ill. I had a TSH of 6.8 last January then 8 last March and I was left untreated. By the MAy I was so ill and TSH had gone up again so I demanded they treated me. Levothyroxine has helped but the last month I have been tired again so hopefully just need an increase.

I am so sorry to hear about your husband. How awful for you. I have PTSD and I believe it's had an awful effect on my health, trauma is an awful thing to cope with. So sorry.

Julie x


PS Also get tested if you haven't already, Ferritin, B12, Folate and Vitamin D. All of mine were running low and they can cause alot of the symotoms you're experiencing and often go hand in hand with hypothyroidism.


Thanks Julie

Yes the PTSD doesn't help and something that I choose to ignor

When I read how you feel it's exactly like me, especially when it comes to doing things with the children, luckily I have a new man in my life and he's been amazing

I was frustrated today I wanted a defiance answer so I could feel like me again

Going private is costing me a fortune but I'm that desperate that I don't mind paying a £1000

Just want it all to go away now as I forever apologising as I feel so lazy

I'm an X air hostess and have always had so much energy

That this has become life changing for me Aswell as losing my husband xx


one thing no one will have thought of is what cookware you are using

are any of your cookware aluminium or non stick or foil because its lethal to the body and can cause those symptoms ...totally out of theblue because its like a barrell filling up and suddenly overflowing and causing trouble


I'm afraid you will have to be patient. There is no bouncing back from hypo, it is a slow, slow process. You have to be kind to yourself, do not over exert yourself because you will pay for it the next day or two, rest when you can, stop apologising because you are not lazy, you have an untreated medical condition that requires meds for the rest of your life. When you consider there are 300 symptoms overall, you will have your very own personal cocktail of symptoms, however many they may be, that when treated will start to abate. My very best wishes to you.


Thank you for replying

I'm just frustrated as no one gets it at all

Last I stood on sewing needle and needed surgery to remove it

People couldn't do enough for me, but with this no ones stepped up to help X


I know, it is perverse. Educate yourself on all thing hypo so when you go for appointments and end up knowing more than the medics then you can effect the best treatment for yourself. Knowledge is power.


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