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NDT reliable source

Please can anyone Pm me wuth details of where to buy NDT. I currently take Thiroyd which is produced in Thailand and which I bought from Amazon before it was taken off. They won't last forever so I'll need to find another supplier. I'm wary of online drug stores and grateful for any recommendations.

My most recent results are: TSH 0.014 (0.27-4.2), FT4 21.6 (12-22), FT3 7.8 (3.1-6.8) whilst medicated. Previous results were TSH 2.29, T4 12.2, no T3 tested). I feel well for the first time in 6 years and someone here has suggested stopping levo and taking only the NDT.

Many thanks


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T3 peaks in the blood stream for up to six hours so if you took T3 before your blood test that will be why your FT3 is over range.

If you left 8-12+ hours between last dose and blood draw you are over medicated and should consider reducing either Levothyroxine or Thiroyd dose.

If you feel well on Thiroyd and Levothyroxine there's no need to switch to NDT only.


I believe I took two NDT tablets 60mg before bed the night before. I think the test was mid-morning the following day. I was taking four NDT tablets per day at that time but realised that was too much so went down to two around that time.



You were overmedicated then but halving NDT dose may be too much. I suggest you retest 6-8 weeks after you reduced dose.


Thank you.


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