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TSH results, please advise


I'm currently on low dose (25mg) had my blood test done again. Had in done first thing in morning and came off meds at least 48 hours before.

Results are

TSH 0.05 ( 0.35- 5) low

Free T4 11.1 ( 9-19)

Does this mean they will stop Levothyroxine?

My TPO was 961 is April, (I think I have hashimoto)

Please can you advise me on what this all means

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No FT3 result and I have read that you are taking T3. Yes you do have Hashimotos. Did you have the tests done for Ferritin - B12 - Folate - VitD - that were suggested in your previous post/thread. Nothing will work well if those levels are not adequate/OPTIMAL :-)

The TSH will be low as you are taking T3 I believe ....

Dangermole5 in reply to Marz

I don’t think the drs knows what’s going on or ever understands.

I believe I have Hashimoto, but Dr has never said anything, I don’t think he understands high TPO and I have never send that I think I have it.

I did not take T3 for over a week before test and levothyroxine for over 48 hours, because I read that was what I should do and had it early am with no food for 12 hours, so I am confused on why my TSH came back low?

I had my most recent blood test, was because I ask if I could get free prescription as I have a thyroid problem, But dr won’t confirm that I do, so just request just TSH and Free T4 blood test.

I’m now concerned that he will stop Levothyroxine, Dr does not know I take T3 only taking ¼ of 25mg.

Marz in reply to Dangermole5

You have a Thyroid problem as you have HASHIMOTOS - also know as Thyroiditis. Docs know very little how to handle auto-immune conditions.

I asked you about the testing for B12 - Ferritin - folate - VitD - they are usually LOW in people with Hashimotos.

Please read as much as you can about Hashimotos - there are over 2000 posts on this forum - if you are on a phone scroll down and down to find the heading TOPICS and have a read.

Your FT4 is low in range - due to taking the T3 - so there is no need for your GP to stop the Levo.

Do not confuse your body too much with swopping and changing things. Why did you add in the T3 ?

Dangermole5 in reply to Marz

Someone advised me to try T3, I was given some to try to see how I felt and I felt I had more energy

Marz in reply to Dangermole5

Lots of things give you better energy - like Iron - B12 - VitD - so those should be tested too - also they need to be OPTIMAL for any thyroid hormone to work well in the body.

Who on earth told you to stop T3 a week before the test? Had you had your FT3 tested, that would have given you a false low. One usually stops T3 for 12 hours.

Levo should be stopped for 24 hours, not 48. So, you've got a false low, there because of that.

On the other hand, it didn't give the FT4 and TSH enough time to rise, so TBH, those labs are utterly useless. They don't tell you anything of any import.

Have you actually been diagnosed with hypo? If so, your doctor cannot then deny it when it comes to free prescriptions - he can't have it both ways! If you are hypo, you are legally entitled to free prescriptions for life.

shawsAdministrator in reply to Dangermole5

Doctors or Endocrinologists appear to know little and the patient suffers and are lost because we thought with hypothyroidism being a common medical problem that they'd be educated. But another doctor died about 3 years ago, pleaded with the Endocrinology in the UK to come to a Conference about the parlous situation patients were in due to their ineptness. (he was a virologist) but one by one they all refused, the last one the evening before.

Hypothyroidism and hashimoto's are treated the same, i.e. with levothyroxine. I thought you were taking 25mcg of levo but now understand it is T3. It is equal to around 100mcg of levo.

You only need to leave 24 hours gap if you take levo and 12 if taking T3. Some links:




Before even considering adding T3, you need to know what your vitamin D, folate, B12 & ferritin level are, as Marz has advised. If they are too low we can't use T3 or T4

As you have Hashimoto's have you tried strictly gluten free diet. Very many of us find it really helps.

Stopping and starting and changing doses of T4 and especially T3, can make us feel really really unwell. The dose needs to be constant, and taken on empty stomach and then nothing apart from water for at least an hour after

It's only advised to not take T4 for 24 hours before test, and if taking T3, to not take that for only 12hours before.

Thanks for all your feedback, think I need to see GP again to discuss things

SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Dangermole5

Most GP's are unaware of the importance of good vitamin levels for Hashimoto's and very unlikely to be aware of the strong link between Hashimoto's and poor gut function and high incidence of gluten intolerance

But ask if GP will test vitamin D, folate, B12 and ferritin. You can say you were advised these need checking by NHS recommended thyroid support group

Thanks, I will speak to GP

I'm currently taking 25mg Levo and 6.25mg of T3, waiting to see an endocrinologist, but 18 week wait.

Shall I stop the T3????

I'm currently taking 25mg Levo and 6.25mg of T3, waiting to see an endocrinologist, but 18 week wait.

Shall I stop the T3????


Can you get full testing done privately- See Thyroid UK website - private tests page

Blue Horizon Thyroid plus eleven or Medichecks Thyroid plus ultra vitamin are the best bet -£99

Both often run money off offers

But you need to stick on same dose and not waiver for a minimum of 6 weeks before testing if you want to evaluate true thyroid results

Meanwhile try strictly gluten free for minimum of 3-6 months see if it helps

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