Para Thyroid Tumour

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Can anyone help🙁😢 I have been diagnosed with a Tumour on my Para Thyroid?! This has come as such a shock.

I've been told I will need surgery! Has anyone had the same diagnoses? I have a Underactive Thyroid Gland usually. I would appreciate any advice. I have to take Vitamin D but avoid All Dairy & food containing Calcium due to my Blood Test results.

Thanks Karolly uk 🙋🏻

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You might find this website helpful

Hi Slowdragon,

I've not googled anything about this condition as the www can give all sorts of incorrect info! But I'll give it a go Thanks

Karolly 🙋🏻

If you are in the uk may be more appropriate, we have a forum and lots of information. I had surgery a few years ago so I can advise on the forum I mentioned.

Hi bantem12

OMDays Thank you I'm sat here worried sick of what is going to happen!! My GP has told me it's nasty painful surgery ?? Is this true? Also will I gain weight?? Thank you for the information

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Your GP is talking rubbish, for the vast majority of people it's a simple quick op but it needs to be done by an experienced surgeon who does lots of parathyroid ops.

Your parathyroid glands (you have 4) are nothing to do with your thyroid, their function is to control calcium so weight gain is not connected with parathyroid problems at all.

If you haven't yet seen an Endo your GP should refer you to one for a definite diagnosis, then you will need some scans before seeing a surgeon.

Please don't panic, you will be fine.

Aah Bantam

Thanks sooo much I'm waiting for my Endo appointment to come through. I'm going to join the Parathyroid, org

Kind Regards


You have four parathyroids and they control your calcium metabolism (and magnesium also). They don't influence your weight, the thyroid does that. You will currently have high blood calcium levels and this affects the brain causing distress. So, bear in mind some of the concern you have may be aggravated by this chemical affect on your brain. This will resolve after the operation.

I've not got a lot of knowledge on this but I don't believe it is nasty or painful surgery. The surgery is delicate, they make a horizontal incision in your neck, usually along a skin fold. Eventually the scar disappears. I've known one young lady who had her thyroid removed and another who had parathyroids removed. They never mentioned anything about the surgery being nasty. It may be sore for a few days but they will prescribe pain killers.

You may only need one parathyroid removed if only one is affected. If this is the case you may well not notice the loss. Usually, if they have to remove one or two parathyroids they take out the healthy ones as well and transfer them into your arm! This is not daft, it's so that if the others become diseased it's a very simple operation to remove them, no need to go near the neck again.

You will be referred to a surgeon. It's a really good idea to make a brief list of any questions you have and ask them when you see the surgeon. There is a UK parathyroid patient support group , you could join them.

Regarding "you may well not notice the loss" I couldn't agree more. When I had my total thyroidectomy I was told that when it came to putting everything back for closing they couldn't find one of my parathyroids! Yes, they lost one! So I can tell you on authority that you will not miss it.

I was very happy to learn from above that a reduction in the function of parathyroids is not the reason for weight gain. That is one lingering symptom I haven't conquered but I haven't given up yet.

Good Morning LAH's

Thank you for sharing your experience so sorry that you had to go through that tho☹ as well as a Thyroidectomy!!! Goodness me you have been through it. As for weight I'm so upset I just can't loose a pound no matter what I do!

Take care

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Hi jimh111

Thank you so Much for your advice info and reassurance, I really hope they can help stop the headaches they are so painful. I'm going to join the Para thyroid .org

Kind Regards


I had surgery for this last year, It was not at all painful, and minimal scar of about an inch, blended into a natural skin fold, I now feel so much better, and have in fact lost weight. I don't know what part of the country you are in, but I can thoroughly recommend my surgeon if you pm me. I know some patients can have this in day surgery, but I stayed in overnight. Please don't worry.

Hello t3rr,

Thank You soooo much for your reassurance. It has really helped me. I'm sorry I don't no what 'pm' is????!!! I live in Berkshire in the UK. I am waiting for my Endocrine appointment to come through. I have been told it's over night stay which is fine. I'm just so worried about the Op. 🙁😢 so Thank You again

Kind Regards


My abbreviations and acronyms document might help with that and many other such things:

PM - Private Message

Help on how to handle PMs:

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