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Overactive thyroid.

Hi I have had a overactive thyroid for over 2 years now. Been on meds and still not right. Now my doctor says I have to have radiation treatment. Has anyone else had this and has it worked? Thanks 😀

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Yes others have had it done and may respond. I assume you have tried other things in the two years.


Do you want it?? When you say 'been on meds and still not right' do you mean your ft4 and ft3 never came into range or that your tsh hasn't returned to normal. If you have Graves disease tsh can take up to 4 years to return to normal but as long as you are euthyroid (ft4 & ft3 in normal range) then you are not in any risk. If you take RAI it will kill your thyroid cells and make you hypothyroid and then you will take thyroid hormone supplements and you can refer to many other post on here as to whether that works for everyone. RAI does NOT treat the autoimmunity and in fact Graves antibodies often increase which makes TED worse and can result in thyroid storm from whatever thyroid cells are left. So i go back to the question do you want this? I do not wish you scare you but i suggest you look up Elaine Moore before letting your doctor tell you you 'have to do' anything! Best wishes


Hi Sara, I had it done 4 years ago and if I am honest I am sorry I had it done ! That does not mean it will not work for you, everyone is different, but for me it has brought a whole new set of problems worse than I had before. The main problem being that I don't do well on Levothyroxine, but the NHS will not prescribe anything else. It does not help that GP's (on the whole) in this country really don't listen to what their patients are saying and only accept the bog standard TSH results and not the symptoms their patients are telling them. I have given up on my GP who insists my extreme tiredness is down to depression. Which is total nonsense. I have just tried Levothyroxine again and again despite the fact I am on such a low dose the extreme tiredness is just unacceptable, especially as I am my husbands carer. I have decided just to trial kelp tablets and see how I get on with these. If this does not work then I will then look into what other alternatives there are. Before you decide on what action to take I do strongly suggest you do your research, I wish I had.


Yes I have and it worked a treat, no side effects, no problems, don't be put off with the negative replies you will no doubt get, you must do what is right for you.


Interesting reply ... have you had NO problems at all Bantam since your RAI treatment ?


Madge I went hypo within 4-6 weeks and been fine on Levo since, that's about 15 years now. I also had partial thyroid op in my teens but Graves returned some 30 odd years later so I was never going to be free of it. I asked for RAI as meds have never kept me stable.


Tell your doctor to try it first and tell you how it goes !!!

What a cheek .... I was told that too ... at diagnosis ... I took Carbimazole for a short time and then went on a regime of serious supplements to address and support my immune system .. which was attacking my healthy thyroid ! .... many here have done this ! ... it worked ... I'm Euthyroid ... many in my family did the other alternatives ...and have become very ill .. due to being neglected by doctors who never adjusted their thyroxine meds which has made them very ill and miserable ..( for life now )

You could try the natural supplements route ... it's NOT Mumbo Jumbo ! It works and you may Regain your health quickly

Think very carefully and empower yourself with knowledge .. before you decide

Surgery and RAI cannot be reversed .

Best of Luck in deciding

Luv mx🌹

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Hi Madge

i was wondering if you could help me. I have gone overactive for the past two years from being underactive for twenty year my endo has just taken me off my carbimazole and told me to go back in three months if it is still over he wants me to have RAI which i dont want to have i wonder if you would be able to tell me what vitamins to take to help this

thank you



Oh yes it works alright if you don't mind being hypo for the rest of your life and having to fight your gp to get the right dose of levo cause your tsh is suppressed and it freeks them out. I'm not saying you shouldn't have it but make sure you do your research first and it's what you want to do.i was on and off carbimazole for 12yrs befor having RAi and on the whole was well. Endo recommend Rai i suspect she just wanted me off her books as once you have Rai and are stable on levo you go back to gp's care.i wish I never had it done so think carefully before agreeing as once done you can't go back.


Your doctor means Radio Active Iodine

tell him no its an operation or nothing ...RAI has a nasty habit of triggering Severe Thyroid Eye Disease

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Hello Madge

You are being told the wrong information here. You DON'T have to have RAI/Surgery or anything else that you don't want! It is your body and clinic doctors are far too quick in

bullying overactive thyroid patients with treatment that means they can be handed back

over to the GP care and it's just so WRONG imho.

I have been standing up to thyroid clinic doctors for over six years and refusing point blank

to have rai/surgery because it isn't what I want to do. They don't like to be confronted but

then I don't like to feel pressurized and bullied either.

Do what others, have suggested and read up all you can to make your own mind up and

then be strong and don't be swayed by any of the Endocrine or GP doctors. Good Luck.


Think you posted to wrong person ...glo

I'm Euthyroid !!

But thank you x



Do your own research and avoid RAI like the plague. Seriously. RAI does effect your entire body, not just your thyroid gland.

Your overactive thyroid is not the fault of the thyroid. Nuking the thyroid merely gives you another problem: hypothyroidism. To me, after suffering terrible symptoms of Graves' Disease for about ten years (it took that long for someone to diagnose me as I thought it was all due to menopause!) I would take Graves' back in a heartbeat rather than be hypothyroid.

RAI also completely screwed up my salivary glands. Not good at all.

Remember that even without a thyroid, the Graves' antibodies will still be there in your body -- even though your thyroid is gone. Makes no sense at all to remove or nuke the thyroid! The problems with the antibodies from Graves' CAN be controlled without RAI or surgery.

Do yourself a big favor and investigate RAI. You have the entire internet out there to help you. Otherwise, RAI is the easy way out for doctors as it renders you hypothyroid (and you get the short end of the stick with the hard part -- trying to live with hypothyroidism!!). Doctors are taught that being hypo is nothing that a little pill can't cure. They are wrong! Because it's just not that simple for most.

Imagine trying to control a gauge that needs to be filled at different capacities every moment of each day -- and we're trying to do that with a pill prescribed by a doctor. Emotions, eating, exercise, stress, etc. all need more thyroid hormone depending on the intensity and combination of human actions and reactions. If our body gets along well with the pill its given, there will be times when the deviation in what the body needs is not met via that daily dose of the same amount for months on end. We then slowly get behind in satisfying our thyroid hormone needs. Our body gets less and less T3 until we begin to suffer with overt hypothyroid symptoms.

Now you have to explain to a doctor that you need more. The doctor says the reference range is fine. You are fine. You don't need more thyroid hormone!

Who would ever knowingly choose to have someone else in control of their body's control panel! The endocrine system, especially the thyroid, controls the well-being of the entire body because it makes sure the body gets the thyroid hormone it needs. That is, unless there are not adequate vitamins, minerals, and hormones to make that happen.

When the thyroid is overactive, it can often be a temporary problem. Sometimes it happens because it is more of a signal that something is very wrong with what should be harmony in our body. Making necessary changes in diet by becoming completely gluten-free (as gluten is often mistaken by the body as being an antibody). Read up on such things to do that can naturally help reverse hyperthyroidism. At the very least, you'll know more of the whole story and can make an educated decision.

When you discover that the thyroid is treated just like the gall bladder in the conventional medical community: if it gives a problem, remove it!!! That is so wrong on so many levels. The gallbladder is often the first victim of what becomes known as untreated hypothyroidism.

The endocrine system is delicate and stays balanced by a body that is in nutritional balance. The saying, "you are what you eat" is far more true than most ever know!

Still, if I had to opt between being hyper or hypo... as bad as my Graves' was, I'd take being hyper in a second! However, now that I know so much more about what hypothyroidism is and why it happens... how vitamins, minerals, and hormones are vital to correct it -- and once things are out of kilter it takes time and patience to get things back in order.

Think of it this way: when you hear of people with "imbalances" what do you think of? Think again! When you remove an organ or gland, you are removing BALANCE. Try everything else possible before doing anything to a thyroid that can be cured otherwise. If you can get rid of the inflammation and great stresses that can throw your body into an autoimmune attack mode, then you can get rid of Graves' Disease too.

It may sound that a fairy tale, but it isn't. Most of our human autoimmune illnesses are founded by a combination of a lack of proper nutritional balance during a highly stressful time (or nutritional deficiencies caused by those stresses using up our nutrients at a higher pace than expected and not replaced in time before serious imbalances occur).

If your endocrinologist or doctor has not checked all your vitamin, mineral and hormone levels then RUN to someone who "gets it." Keep your thyroid. Learn how to thwart Graves' Disease in a natural fashion. Please talk to a holistic, integrative, and/or naturopathic physician.

This article may be of help to you as well: draxe.com/graves-disease/

My very, very best to you!



WOW !!!!

That was amazing !!!

Wish I'd written That !

Take a bow 💐

...... a BIG bow !!

Everyone coming onto this site fresh should digest what you just wrote CS

It's just so true .. certainly from my perspective !

Stay well

Luv mx🌹


Aww, thanks so much. I'm so glad it hit you in all the right places!! (LOL) You are precious. Love right backatcha, darling madge1979!! Hugs too!! CSL




I've had an overactive thyroid since 2008, and been on meds since. This decision is very personal to you and your circumstances. I honestly feel I made the right choice not accepting RAI or a thyroidectomy as my only choices.

My biggest regret was taking carbimazole (I took for the first 18months I was diagnosed) it caused a large goitre that now means my thyroid is never going to get better. Have you tried propylthirouracil?


Apologies Sara, I directed my reply to Madge instead of to you. My thanks to Madge for pointing my mistake out. I will blame a brain-fog day!!

CSmthLadd.......... your reply to Sara was really very interesting and good advice to us all as

we cope each day with our hyper/hypo thyroid conditions.


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