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Borderline Underactive Thyroid

Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I've been having troubles with my thyroid for about 6 months at least every time they do a blood test the GP said it's borderline under active so they haven't given me any medication to control it. Since this has been going on my iron levels have dropped, the fatigue has been unbearable and I've been referred to a gastroenterologist for potential inflammatory bowel disease. Could my thyroid have something to do with all these issues that keep going on? I'm struggling to get to work and it's being noticed by others the tiredness feeling weak etc.

Coming to my wits end with it all now just want to get back on track can anyone relate to this?

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firstly its vital you get the actual test results and post them here

2nd its likely you need to avoid gluten and dairy for awhile as they may complicate matters

i doubt your thyroid is exactly borderline and its common for symptoms to preceed tests by years


Take someone with you to the doctors and explain how it is affecting your life and work. Ask (don't take no for an answer) for a trial of levothyroxine because you have profound symptoms and delaying will only make it more difficult to recover. If your doctor isn't helpful ask for an urgent referral to an endocrinologist as a referral is appropriate in difficult cases. (You probably won't get the referral, more likely you will get the prescription). Hypothyroidism causes low iron levels and hypothyroid patients respond poorly to iron supplements until the hypothyroidism is treated.


If you look on the Thyroid Uk site, they run this forum, you will find a list of symtoms and it's quite substantial but thankfully we don't get that many but you may have symptoms that you or even your doctor has not thought to be thyroid related. Tick off the ones you have and say as it is affecting your well. Ring then could you have a trial etc. Write a list of things you need to say and if he queries this say your memory is bad and you didn't want to miss things out ( bad memory is a symptom!) but under the stress of needing to get the point across we often forget things that could be the most important.


Ask for an Ultrasound scan of your Thyroid, insist. If one GP refuses see another.

If you have Hashimoto's - when you are well - your Thyroid blood tests may appear normal or borderline. The TSH range is different after Hashimoto's diagnosis anyway.

Also ask for urgent referral to an Endocrinologist. Don't start taking Thyroxine until you've seen the Endocrinologist. He/She will do more thorough blood tests including T3. And maybe test your adrenal glands first. You have to go in for a couple of hours for that.

Hashimoto's is an Autoimmune Disease. Your own antibodies attack your Thyroid gland rendering it Underactive. I used to wonder why I was so tired and took so long recovering after a cold or infection. I suffered for years before diagnosis. If your appointment for the gastroenterologist comes through sooner ask him/her would they please do your Thyroid and antibody blood tests. You could also ask them to refer you to the Endocrinologist, tell them you are desperate to keep your job.

Every cell in your body needs Thyroxine to function. So yes it may be contributing to digestive problems.

You need proper investigation by Ultrasound scan of Thyroid and Endocrinologist appointment urgently.

Keep on till you get proper diagnosis.

I now have many severe bowel disorders and other medical problems.

Thinuking of you.


Thank you everyone for the information I had no idea that your Thyroid could be so important. My mum takes levothyroxine and has been for about a year now can it be hereditary?

I've had a phone consultation with my GP who has said iron levels are extremely low so I have to take 305mg of ferrous fumarate twice a day. She said this could be from lack of absorption of iron, low iron in diet or intestinal bleeding as I am under investigation for Inflammatory Bowel Disease. She's booked me in next week to have bloods done on my thyroid levels and she wants to take it from there so I am going to discuss with the gastroenterologist Friday about my thyroid levels when I have the colonoscopy to see if they can do anything whilst I am there.

When I was in A&E they said more tests should be done for my iron and anaemia so I am going to chase that up, I do find that my recovery time is very long and I have days where my eyes feel like they are drooping half way down my face. Does anyone get very heavy limbs? I just don't seem to function as well as I used to I get so confused and my partner has to repeat stuff to me over and over. Again thanks so much for the info you have all been such a help :) Im going to look at the other symptoms and see where I line up against them, definitely be fully prepared for Friday!!

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My TSH was only .01 below the "not normal" reading for TSH and the nhs lab told my GP to wait and test in three months time. Luckily he didn't and managed to fiddle the computer to allow him to prescribe me Thyroxine. I am now up to 125 mg after over two years and still feeling bad - so am beginning to think I need T3 as well as that's the one that is used by our cells.


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