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Is Betaine more effective for low stomach acid than Apple cider vinegar

I'm sorry lovely people to be coming to you with yet another question. I only posted a question a couple of days ago !

I am having the pins and needles problem which I know is linked to low B12, but I am taking B12 (1,000ug), every day and I have been since you guys encouraged me to take it daily about 2 months ago, and it worked for a while. But it seems to have come back with a vengeance ,since I had my recent accident (just over two weeks ago).

I do have a low PH/acid system and take the Biona Apple cider vinegar morning and evening before meals, but wondered if this is sufficient, as I have recently read Dr alyssa Burns-Hill comments on the importance of Methylation and recommending Betaine, as "proper methylation is important to every cell in the body".

So could the pins and needles also be tied in with poor methylation ?

And have any of you lovely people found Betaine helpful?

Thank you !!!

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C70rol It depends on the individual. Betaine HCl with Pepsin didn't do anything for me, even when I got up to 7 capsules with my meal. The Biona ACV does work for me. Others get on well with Betaine.


Thanks for your reply. It's good to hear your comments about how ACV has been better for you ! I have been looking at some past 'posts' on HU, most of which seem to praise ACV. So thanks again perhaps I'll stick with it and maybe increase it a little.


Earth Clinic has lots of info on ACV


Thanks Naomi8, I'll take a look at it !


I used to take apple cider vinegar, but still had problems. My nutritionist advised me to take Betaine, which I ended up taking in quite large quantities. As things improved, I reduced the Betaine bit by bit, and now don't take it at all. I'm back on the apple cider vinegar.


Thank you for replying, that's very helpful. But sinse I put this question on HU, I have increased my ACV, to see how that goes ! I don't really want to take yet another supplement if I can help it. And I'm also thinking of increasing my Armour as although my blood results in June were good, since my accident I think it has set my thyroid back a bit. I'm really struggling now with hypo symptoms. And I have read that any trauma or a large amount of stress depletes the T3.

How I wish it wasn't all guesswork at times !!!

Thanks again !


I recently started taking T3, as well as levothyroxine - it has made an impressive difference to my symptoms. Good luck :)


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