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Lyme disease-help groups?

Hi, I know there are quite a few folk on here who suffer with Lymes Disease and I was wondering if there is a forum on health unlocked specifically for sufferers or any other online help groups? I'm not asking for myself but for a family member.

Thanks in advance

Nat x

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I think there are. Click on My Communities on the HealthUnlocked bar at the top of the page and select +Browse Communities and type "Lyme" into the title search and hit enter.


Thanks Clutter, just tried that and unfortunately there isn't one. It comes up in lots of other groups though so I might still recommend she checks it out x


NatChap best place is probably lymediseaseuk.com and they have a closed Facebook group. They also have regular meets in different areas, I haven't yet attended one as the nearest was held in a city centre pub which definitely didn't appeal.


Thank you, I will let her know :-)

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There is a chronic Lyme summit coming up. Are you aware of it? I will find the link if you are interested.

Also an aside I know but read email re new test for Lyme that is proving way more successful: they ultrasound certain key points e.g. Spleen, and then do urine test and are finding that the ultrasound dislodges the bacteria so are found in urine. Obviously in the USA but I thought that a more reliable and useful test was a step forward.

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Thanks, I will pass the info on :-)



Dr Klinghardt is the one talking about using ultrasound in testing and his talk on the summit is about testing.


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