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Blood results

Hi, I am wondering if someone can help me with my blood results? Just been to see the specialist as I have been diagnosed with Graves' disease for about 6 months now, but he said I might have under active thyroid now TSH 2.87 FT4 9.1 FT3 3.1 he's has lowered my carbimazole I was on 20mg a day then went to 40mg a day then back down to 20mg a day now been given 5mg a day. As you can understand I don't know wether I am coming or going. I hope some can shed some light on my blood test. Thanks

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You haven't included the lab ref ranges for FT4 and FT3 but as a guess I would say they are low because TSH 2.87 is a bit high.

It might have been less confusing if your endo had simply said that you are overmedicated on 20mg Carbimazole which has blocked your thyroid too much so he has lowered your dose to 5mg. If the reduction is too much dose may need increasing to 10mg in a few weeks.

Dosing is as much an art as a science and as the Carbimazole begins regulating your thyroid output it will usually need reducing in dose. When thyroid levels have been stable on a low dose of Carbimazole for several months you may be able to wean off Carbimazole and try for remission.


Thank you for your reply it's just all so confusing.


Hi there, i too have Graves. It seems like you have been overmedicated as your t4 does seem low. If you have the reference ranges handy stick them on here.

Reading your post going from 20mg up to 40mg back down to 20mg then on 5mg has certainly been big jumps in dosages. Normally what should be happening is your bloods should be getting checked every 6weeks and from there your dose of carbimazole should be getting reduced or increased by 5mg at a time (titration method) depending on how your levels are doing. Hope that helps a little


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