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Not given my blood results

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Hi everyone, can you tell me if there is such a rule that I can't see my blood results before GP looks at them?

I had some tests done 2 days ago. Yesterday I called to check if they came in and was told that they are back but GP didn't look at them so I have to call next day (today). Today I went to GP practice and requested my results, they said again I can't have them coz GP didn't have a look at them yet and I should call on Monday. I said "Aren't they MY blood results and I have the right to see them?" I was told "No, they are not official until GP looks at them".

I am so upset, I've been treated like a nuisance that they want to get rid of. I know that if I go on Monday, they still won't give them to me. I have appointment with GP on Tuesday but I wanted to see them before that. Otherwise, he just reads of the screen and I don't know what is he talking about. He says "normal" or "in range" and I can't question it because I don't know what the results are.

Is there really an NHS rule against showing the results to a patient before GP sees them?

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It's normal practice for a doctor (not necessarily your own GP) to review results before they're released to patients. If you have a problem with that you should discuss it with your GP or the practice manager.

The Data Protection Act entitles patients to their test results so if your GP tells you results are normal or in range you are entitled to ask him to printout the results and ranges or read them to you.

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I have heard that the GP has to see the results before patients can have them so I think they're right.

If you don't get them before your appointment you could cancel and make another one. If that's not an option for you then when your GP says 'normal' or 'in range' then insist he gives you the numbers and a print out.

Thank you Clutter and SeasideSusie for clearing it up. I guess I just have to wait. It's frustrating - the numbers are not going to change whether a doctor looks at them or not, they will still have to give me these exact same results on Tuesday, so why not today... Patience is not my strength :(

Your GP should be online in some shape or form - I think they all have to be now...check it out and complain if they're dragging their feet. I can see my bloods without asking anyone :)

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moniacho in reply to Rapunzel

Hi Rapunzel

I have access to online account but only for prescriptions and appointments. The medical records are not active. It would have made everything so much easier...

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to moniacho

Ask the practice manager when all blood test results will be available online and what plans the practice has to get this sorted as well as medical records online

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AngieAsh in reply to moniacho

Hi Rapunzel , are you trying to see your reuslts via an app? I kept getting error messages saying that I could not access my results (using systemonline app) and the surgery kept saying that they were not set up for the feature yet. It turned out that the apps are not fully working yet but I can get my results by logging into the systemonline website directly.

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Rapunzel in reply to AngieAsh

Hey Angie no I can see everything...after a bit of a tussle setting things up. There should be a uniform way that all surgeries are using this it's supposed to be for their benefit as much as ours. moniacho ask the practice what plans they have to make their records available as they were expected to and if they obfuscate ask for their rationale in not allowing full access.

My GP has had to let me see the whole nine yards of what he has and something tells me that he wouldn't do that unless he had to - what are your local CCG's (Clinical Commissioning Group) views on what their GPs should be allowing access to?

Pfft This is just sooo rubbish. Any chance you could get your own tests done thru Thyroid UK ?Wait for Thyroid Thursday alert ( quite often) and there's a further discount :) Oh just FYI don't expect your GP to take any notice of them... :(

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moniacho in reply to Rapunzel

What further discount do you mean Rapunzel ? I know only about Thyroid Thursday, is there anything else? I ordered some yesterday and I'm waiting for the kit now. Expensive but I had to take the plunge as I can't take it anymore, symptoms are seriously affecting my work and relationship now. Will know T3 and antibodies finally. But really curious about the NHS tests as there was cortisol there and I'm wondering about my adrenals. Also intrinsic factor and a repeat CRP which was through the roof last time.

I really wish they would give me online access but worried to ask. Today all 3 receptionists against me, I am not good at fighting for myself.

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Rapunzel in reply to moniacho

Sorry if I didn't make clear that Thyroid Thursday is the discount. There's not another one to my knowledge, although all the testers run special offers now and again. I buy my test kits then and wait to use them until I feel it's appropriate and if I'm due an NHS test I ask for a vacutainer test from my private test company - the phlebotomy people are perfectly happy to fill an extra vacutainer once they're on the go...just have to remember to get it done by Wednesday so the blood's not lying around over the weekend...

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moniacho in reply to Rapunzel

Wow, thats a great idea Rapunzel, I didn't think of that. I just paid extra £25 for taking blood at the affiliated clinic, which was my local hospital's phlebotomy anyway. Next time I will try to sync the private test with NHS one. Thanks

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moniacho in reply to AngieAsh

Hi AngieAsh, what is systemonline? I log in through Evergreen Life App.

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AngieAsh in reply to moniacho

Systemonline is the same sort of thing as evergreen, there are a few companies doing it. Patient online told me that the systemonline ipad apps are just not working properly yet. My surgery only uses systemonline though. It was just a thought that Rapunzel could try going to the web site of whatever app she uses and logging in directly from there.

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Treepie in reply to AngieAsh

My pad works fine for system online .I get Xray results but a neighbouring practice does not put them on line.

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AngieAsh in reply to Treepie

That's strange Treepie . On the website I can see everything but my full history record and letters. I get all test results, medications, recent records and summary records, even innoculations history so it's online. On the app though all I get is appointments and recent medications, everything else gives me an error message about not having access.

Thanks Hidden

The question is whether I can have it straight away as soon as they are back or do I have to wait for GP to see and "approve" them first...

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to moniacho

Some time ago I read about an early system for allowing patients access to their results. (Think it was for kidney disease patients.) One factor was whether they would sometimes see results before their doctors. From memory, there was some sort of disclaimer/warning - "The results you see have not been assessed by a doctor." The reason seemed to be so that the patients accepted they might see bad news, or weird results, without the mediation of their doctor. Again, from memory, I think most patients accepted this without issue. Indeed, it meant that patients could act sooner - raise/lower dose, make appointment, etc.

However, for our ordinary results, it does appear that the viewing by a doctor is necessary before mere patients are allowed to see them.

I think the ruling came about as some results could be classed as sensitive so you should not be seeing them on your own with no medic to either reassure you or advise. I can understand that as a blanket thing plus it had been known that errors could creep in and a typo could give quite the wrong picture. Then at least the doctors can ring the lab and question it before the patience thinks something is seriously wrong My surgery is usually helpful and if the las test results aren't in my notes and a reasonable period has elapsed they will check if the doctor as seen them. It may be are still in the pile to be added and so they will then tell me. It's not always the doctors fault and there may be a back log.

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I was a receptionist and was told a Dr had to check any result coming in first before we could tell a patient whether they were normal or not, but I'm pretty sure that was down to the fact that they were medically trained and would know what normal was! I don't remember anyone ever asking what the results were other than them being normal or not so I'm guessing that people being so informed nowadays has caught them out and they don't like it.

This was just over 20 years ago, around the time patients past records were starting to be transferred online. I vividly remember the panic that ensued with Drs working long hours checking every patients paper records before the basics were entered into the computer program; they also had several hissy fits as they realised the patients could also now gain physical access to their old paper records, some of which had references to the patients traits via acronyms written on the front and some not so pleasant descriptions inside. Priceless memories 😏

As each practice has control over its own budget then I'm assuming, as they pay for the test, it is actually their property so they can set whatever condition on it that they wish. They do however have to let you see the results in full as it is updated to your personal records, letting you print them off will be easier for them than everyone going in to physically see a screen and copy them down manually. I expect it to be several years down the line before every patient can see their own full records online via an app, the NHS is notoriously bad at choosing the correct software, pennies always win over reliability.

My hubby works as a pre-sales software consultant for a major company, he works in the public services division, health, education, council services, big government etc. Non of the solutions he goes in to quote upgrades for are fit for purpose because not only do they constantly cut corners during costing, they also pay their IT staff peanuts so their employees are, more often than not, completely clueless.

They charge me £5 per print out!

Ha! I have to visit a lady in the next building who gets me to fill out the forms and pay up. I think it's to put people off doing it....

The gp would need to see your results first to be sure if it showed anything sinister that they could be able to talk to you, its not good that it took them so long I agree but I think its right they see them first

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Ask the practice manager if you can have a print out of your test results after you have had

an appointment with G.P. The protocol with patients is a barrier - so you have to abide by the goal

posts - your best friend is the receptionist .

I have just out this to the test. Answer one, yes the GP has the right to see the results first. Second, I have requested all my blood test results for this year and have just collected them this morning, the cost was 60p per page. My problem now is that even though I am hypothyroid and on Levro 125mg I have not been tested for it this year! Just because I am T1 diabetes and Fibro as well they seem to think thats the only problem! I feel ill all the time and spend more time in bed than anywhere else. So fed up with the whole thing!😰

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