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Hello all, thyroid tests results!

I had my thyroid tests done and here are the values:

TSHRA - <1.8 Range: <1.8

FT3 - 2.69 pg/ml range:2.00-4.20

FT4 - 1.21 ng/dl Range: 0.80-1.70

TSH basal value - 2.62 Range:0.35-3.5

Are my values ok? My doctor said no problem since all values within range but in HealthUnlocked i was told to post here to get feedback as there may be chances of hypothyrodism.

Also, i am deficient in Vitamin B12 , vitamin D and Iron. And currently taking supplements. Is it anyway all linked?

Please give me your feedback.

Thank You

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Your TSH is rather high, showing that your thyroid is struggling, but not yet hypo. Your Frees are just under mid-range, so not too low yet. But, keep an eye on it, keep testing every few months, if you can. Also, next time you get a test, ask for TPO antibodies to be tested. :)


Thanks alot. Sure I will ask for antibodies test.

Is there anything I can do to prevent being hypo in future?


I very much doubt it. But it would be a good idea to get your vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin tested, make sure they are all optimal. That might help. But, it depends why your thyroid is struggling. And, unless you have antibodies, you will probably never know.


Hi, thanks for the reply. As I have specified in my post. Yes I have tested for vitamin D, b12, ferritin. Am deficient in b12 and ferritin. Am severely deficient in vitamin D. Am on supplements now.


OK, yes, I remember now. But, as you didn't give specific numbers, it slipped my mind. Are you sure you're taking enough of each? Are you taking a B complex with the B12? Are you taking vit K2-MK7, magnesium and zinc with your vit D3? It's not enough just to take the vitamins themselves, you also have to take the cofactors.


Oh, and to answer your question 'is it all linked?' Yes. Low T3 means low stomach acid so hypos have difficulty digesting and absorbing nutrients. And, low nutrients means low T3, because conversion from T4 is compromised when nutrients are low. The endocrine system is full of vicious circles like that.


Hi, yes am taking b complex. Also vitamin k2 complex, and magnesium for vitamin D. But am not taking zinc.

Oh so may be after i get my levels normal i would check again for thyroid.


What's a K2 complex?

I should think you ought to get your thyroid tested before that, because it's going to take a long time to get some levels optimal. And 'optimal' is the important word, there's no such thing as 'normal'.

Vit D3 should be around 100 (if you're in the UK, the US has different measurements), ferritin at least mid-range, B12 over 500 and folate at least mid-range.


I am taking Super k life extension which has k1, k2(menaquinone-4) and k2(menaquinone-7) be precise.

Ok. Thanks for making me understand about the levels of vitamins.

But I am a bit confused here. When you say to get my thyroid checked. Should I get them tested again? or after some gap? Because i got them tested recently and its been few weeks. Or anything for particular to be tested?


That's a bit excessive. lol I doubt you need vit K1, because there's so much of it in food. MK7 and MK4 are the same thing, except one is natural and the other is synthetic. There's a lot of conning goes on in the supplement world, you have to be careful you're not being taken for a ride!

I meant check your thyroid in 6 months, a year. Not now. I know you only just had it done. It can take a long time to optimise nutrient levels, so no need to wait for that.


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