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Progesterone to E2 ratios?

Hi is there anyone out there who can help me with P:E2 ratios? My doc refuses to test my hormones due to my age. I tried gynea but they werent interested as i have never experienced hot flushes etc. They say i dont experience menopausal symptoms so they cant do anything. I have asked them many times for prometrium but i was told no. My thyroid problems may be due to lack of progesterone but they arent listening. Im 59 just reached menopause now. So i had my progesterone and estrogen 2 tested privately. Results were progesterone 0.2 mnol. E2 74 pmol. Both are low and post menopausal levels but its the ratio that is the important thing. Have been looking all over internet for answers but i am so confused? Anyone to help me out. I still experience pms symptoms even acne, headache etc followed by light bleeding? Its been 2 years since my last horrible month long period but since then only had a few months with no bleeding at all. Bleeding is always light and lasts a few days. Have had endo biopsies every year and have always been negative. My thoughts are is low progesterone and/or estrogen dominance causing my thyroid problem or is my thyroid problem messing with my hormones? Does the ratio between the two indicate my progesterone is too low compared to estrogen making me estrogen dominant as i have no menopausal symptoms at all. I am on 25mcg of levo awaiting first blood test since starting 3 weeks ago. Xx

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I'm sorry you've had no replies. Feel free to repost your question.


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