menopause and hair loss without being hypo

Menopausal ladies,

I am just curious, are their anyone experience hair loss after a shower when hair is wet with hand fulls coming out that doesn't have a thyroid disorder...or think it is related to menopause....I thought it was thyroid but now I am wondering it is just inbalance of hormones, I am post menopausal on bhrt and I was trying to wein off a little when it got really bad and been trying to get it stop....and tweeking thyroid meds as well so it is harder to tell what is really the problem or combination? I read that estrogen and progesterone bottom out in post menopause and can cause this. I was also low in testosterone and dhea so I doubt it is DHT causing hair loss.

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  • My hair loss was most definitely an iron problem. Have you had that tested?

  • it was 68 in a range 15-150

  • Hair loss can be caused by ferritin, haemoglobin, vitamin D and vitamin B12 deficiencies as well as hormone levels. Get all these checked and confirm they are mid-range at least. There are still doctors out there who don't recognise low ferritin causes hair loss.

  • I meant get the things I named checked first.

  • I read an article that cockles were good for hair loss, there must be something in them that promotes hair growth.

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