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Hi all, new here and have gained some good advice already. My situation is that I was diagnosed about 2.5 years ago with hypothyroidism and am currently on 75mcg a day. I was on Activis until Feb, when they changed to Teva - I didn't really think anything of it, but over the last few months I have gained 14lbs in weight and started getting joint pain and some symptoms associated with HypoT. Since reading this site, I have switched back to Activis and am starting to feel a little better, however weight is still sticking. I follow a Primal lifestyle which has helped immensely with my thyroid issues in the past. I am in touch with Elle Russ in the states and have a copy of her book. My labs have come back as follows:

Antibodies - Neg

Free T3 - 4.1 (3.50 - 6.50)

HbA1c levl 30 (20.00-41.00)

Vit D 39 (>51.00)

Ferritin 37 (20.00-291.00)

B12 306 (211.00-911.00)

TSH 0.57 (0.55-4.80)

Free T4 17 (9.00-23.00)

C reactive protein level <5 (0.00-5.00)

Any advice would be greatly received. My Vit D is obviously low and I am addressing and also B12 and Ferritin. Free T3 a bit low - but how do I address this with my TSH being okay?

I just want to feel well again (don't we all!)

Thanks all

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For all the hypos in my family the only route to feeling well was to switch to NDT...they cannot tolerate any make of levo or t3


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