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Thyroid Antibodies and Mental Illness

I've read a few articles on the link between thyroid problems and mental illness, from depression to anxiety to bipolar. I thought I'd share this interesting study that suggests a link between mood disorders and thyroid antibodies.

Today my doctor increased my dose to 100mg Synthroid. My TSH is 2.19 while my Free T4 and T3 levels are both in the 38% of the range. That said, looking back at my life, I'm turning 27 next month, I've had endocrine problems, along with my share of anxiety and low-grade depression (dysthymia) as far back as I can remember. These days I believe that I also have either or both of borderline personality disorder (silent type, beyond suicidal thoughts I've never injured myself) and possibly cyclothymia (mild bipolar). Here's my antibodies tests, they are low but existing. I suspect my thyroid has been getting slowly damaged over a long period of time, with additional and heightened symptoms over the past 8 years.

Aug 2014 TPOab 11 (<30)

Aug 2016 16 (<30)

Jan 2017 12 (<30)

Feb 2017 18 (<30)

May 2017 13 (<30)

Jan 2017 TGab 14 (<40)

In 2013 my TSH hit 5.30 (0.30 - 5.50) and was 2.50 (0.32 - 5.04) at start of this year, while the more important T4 and T3 at both times were roughly in the bottom third and quarter of range respectively.

From the article:

"While most patients with mood disorder with circulating antithyroid antibodies have marginally [*with emphasis, in conventional range] normal indices of thyroid hormone levels (including normal levels of TSH, T4, T3) the presence of antithyroid antibodies usually reflects low-grade (so-called subclinical) thyroid dysfunction in patients with mood disorder or, at a minimum, an increased risk of developing clinically significant thyroid dysfunction."

I do not wish to discuss my treatment as I've already done that in a previous thread, along with Synthroid I take Vitamin D3, K2, B12 and B-Complex supplements. Rather I am interested in this topic, the link between thyroid antibodies and mental health. I'd love to learn more about this topic and perhaps read some personal experiences with this. Would also be great to read about others who have similarly low but present antibodies.

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Many people with thyroid issues also have gut disorders - and recent research indicates the gut has a big effect on the mental state too ....

Check out Kelly Brogan on-line.


Since the Thyroid is the conductor of the entire endocrine orchestra of which theres around 40 hormones in the brain alone its not surprising that moods are affected

what is a real problem is the doctors doling out anti depressants instead of actually addressing the thyroid and all the mineral and vit deficiencies that occur

if your t4 and t3 levels are not improving then there must be something that's blocking absorption or utilisation of thyroid meds


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