Need Pharmacy info for Greece/Crete

Hello. My endo has taken me off T3 after 10 years due the fact "it's not proven to help". Idiot. I have about 2 months supply left. My DD is visiting Greece and a couple of islands this week and offered to try and buy some for me. The girl in the shop in Crete said it did not exist in Greece. Should we be asking for something other than liothyronine or cytomel? Thank you for any assistance anyone might have

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Maybe you have missed the recent posts informing people about lack of T3 here in Crete. It is called T3 - taff dria - in Greek and you may just be lucky to find a packet or two. Maybe better to buy on-line. Ask for information by PM.


Send your endo the DECEMBER 2016




There is information for patients and GPs in british-thyroid-association...

As Marz points out there is a shortage of UniPharma T3 in Greece but you may be able to obtain UniPharma online and Tiromel (Turkish) and Grossman Cynomel (Mexican) are available on-line.

Google 'uni pharma T3' on Google images. Select a white / red stripe / pink box with ten white tablets in blister pack, T3 on the white side of the box, 25µg on the pink side. send to your daughter and ask her to save it to her phone / tablet and show it to the pharmacist.

Good luck xx

A friend of mine has just returned from Crete and had run out of T3. He was allowed one packet when he explained it was a last minute holiday standing in for someone who had dropped out and left in a hurry. But he was told that the pharmacy had been told not to sell anything to the Uk and that the directive had come from the UK!

What! How awful. Thanks for the info. My daughter said the clerk told her that drug was not available in Greece. Irritating!

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