Delayed delivery from Greece

Hi guys,

I have ordered some liothyronine for the first time from one well known on here supplier. Well, the order has been shipped on 7th of April and it is still not here. How long does the delivery take normally? I have contacted the seller but they are promisisng it is all ok and it will come. Have I been conned? Or is it a normal practice to wait for that long? I am going to Greece myself next week. I wish I didnt bother now with that order :(

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VictoriaSimpson It can take 3 weeks from despatch, possibly a bit more if there is a hold up at Heathrow. There has been the Easter holiday and the MayDay bank holiday since yours was despatched so if you take that into account yours is due any day now.

If it is the supplier who provides tracking numbers then you haven't been conned, they are very reliable but have been snowed under with orders, made worse by shortage of T3, a system glitch which meant that the same tracking number was given to numerous people and people panicking about the recent delays.

Hi yes that is exactly the one with a wrong tracking number. Thank you for reassuring me. It is weird why it takes so long, I normally get packages from Europe within 5-7 days and even from US I got a parcel within 4 days. But then still should be grateful for the opportunity to buy it I suppose.

I have bought T3 and other items from Greece, all similar in size for posting. Out of five separate parcels one was delivered within 7 days, untracked; two delivered in 3 weeks, untracked; and two delivered in 3 weeks, tracked. Sometimes they get held up at Heathrow for many days, sometimes they get through within a couple of days.

I expect you might get your delivery by the weekend.

Ask them to resend another package as Hellenic post consider an item to be lost after 30 days.

The exact same situation has happened to me and they've told me another parcel sent today. Still waiting on the tracking reference.

Ok, I will try that after the weekend.

I was in exactly the same situation dispatched 7th April and mine arrived on Tuesday so give it a few more days.

Yes mine was despatched 7th April too and arrived on Tuesday - all fine. If it doesn't come by 7th May they should re - send :-)

I ordered around the beginning of April from the Greek site with 'supply' in the name (as far as I'm aware there are at least two Greek suppliers so just want to be clear which one I'm talking about). I've chased a few times and been told variously - they're very busy, there's a shortage of supply, mines been sent but returned (tho I didn't get a despatch notice), it's Easter etc. We're now 7 weeks on and I've still got nothing, not even a despatch notice. Have other people using this Greek supplier received anything recently? They've definitely had my money - a western union transfer picked up by someone in Serbia!! Today I emailed them to say either send me the medecinr or give me my money back and I'll go elsewhere. ! If I hadn't been given the details from people on HU I'd be sure I'd been conned.

Same here. I was chasing and getting so many escuses, some replies very very rude. 4 weeks after the dispatch they told me that the resent it. 3 weeks are gone - still waiting. That is the same supplier.

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