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T4 adverse effects and lab results. T3 sources?

Hi all, I love how helpful and kind everyone is on this forum, and I have plenty of questions so I will start by posting my lab results.

26 Nov 2016:

FT4 - 10.0 pmol/L (7-16)

TSH - 7.25 mU/L (0.3-5)

Vit B12 - 271 pmol/L (140-650)

Iron - 9 umol/L (10-30) Iron saturation - 12% (20-50) Ferritin - 15ug/L (15-150)

Vit D: 90 nmol/L (50-150)

So fast forward to 19th January, I had a repeat of the thyroid tests and an antibody test:

FT4 - 10 pmol/L (7-16)

TSH - 8.62 mU/L (0.3-5)

Anti-TPO (microsomal) - 903.1 IU/mL (0-9)

So diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease and put on 50mcg Levothyroxine (eltroxine).

Thyroid labs retested 22nd March:

FT4 - 9 pmol/L (7-16)

TSH - 3.5 mU/L (0.3-5)

I only took the 50mcg T4 for 4 weeks, it did alleviate the hypo symptoms somewhat, but left me with a raging insatiable appetite - is this normal? Since then I have just been taking thyroid support supplements that contain small amounts of NDT to keep me going. I live in New Zealand, where the natural amounts of iodine and selenium in the soil is shockingly low so thyroid issues are common. I believe this is the reason that the FT4 reference range is skewed to the low end compared to the UK. T3 meds are no longer subsidised here, so if I opt for a T4/T3 combo I'd have to import the T3 if I want it cheap. Please pm me with any affordable options for T3 that don't have ridiculous shipping charges! thank you in advance :)

A thyroid ultrasound I had at the age of 14 (now 20) for my immigration medicals showed a long chain of extra thyroid nodules so is reason to believe these issues started a long time ago, never followed up though. Strong family history as well, with pretty severe hypo symptoms the last 2.5 years. Have been taking ferrotabs for the low iron.

Any and all advice is welcome, plus suggestions for T3 sources (private message of course) :)

thank you !

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Do you plan to measure FT3? And to address the vit D vit B12 ferritin and folate levels? It is a good idea to get baseline measurements before going it alone with medication and to make sure that the relevant vitamin and mineral issues are addressed. And to be clear exactly what are you currently taking?

And are you gluten free? We benefit from lowering antibodies so avoiding gluten and dairy will play a part.



NZ has strict import restrictions so NDT suppliers won't ship to NZ. I don't know whether the same import restrictions apply to importing T3.


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