Living completely pharmaceutical drug free after 30 years

I want to share my journey with you as Im so happy and positive about the rest of my life.

I was always an anxious child covered in eczema but at 14 my life changed when I started my periods.

I became depressed, angry , tired, with bladder urgency, my periods were erratic and stopped at 19 to 23 yrs old.

I developed eating disorders ,suicidal thoughts and an adversion to people.

By 22 I was on 75mgs of antidepressants, tamazepam and diazepam.

I was unable to have children and by 31 had given up all hope after several failed IVF attempts.

By 38 my marriage was over my family had abandoned me and I had debilitating periods and incontinence. I was bankrupt and the housing benefit didn't pay the rent.

I was on 150mgs of antidepressants, 75mgs of thyroxide and sleeping tablets every night.

By 45 I'd attempted suicidal 3 times, had my gall bladder removed, had botox to my bladder 3 times and my womb had undergone an MEA... I was also on medication for IBS,GORD, and pain killers for everything else... then my flat burnt down and I was homeless for 7 months.

At 49 I weened myself off antidepressants and then I started to feel like death warned up.. my stress and anxiety went through the roof as did my insomnia and incontinence ( I was peeing every 20 mins ).

By January this year age 51 , I couldn't sleep at all and I could hardly move due to severe fatigue, my face and head looked like a lizard , my GORD was burning acid in my chest ,I had no appetite , and any food I forced myself to eat would either pass straight through or be vomited up .. I was on 150mgs of thyroixde .. even 4 x 7.5mgs of sleeping tablets didnt work..

I felt I was going to die. My 9th GP was not interested.

Did blood test after blood test and said the same thing " it's your thyroid " !!

I went to Dr.P and he suggested that I was probably born with hypoadrenalism and hypothyroidism.. my body temperature was averaging 35'c .

I stopped thyroixde.. as it was giving me toxaemia and gave up gluton and lactose and started on Adrenavive II and Metavive II .

That was 28th January .

Today I'm working full time again, running my own business. I'm no longer in bed after 4 hours of being up. My stress and anxiety of a lifetime has gone.. my IBS, my GORD and scaly skin gone.. sleeping is resuming to normal ish as I have to pee every 3/4 hours so have to get up during night and my body temperature is 37'c,

I work , walk the dogs , dig the garden , meet friends, go shopping , things I've not done for the last 3 years..

I've got my figure back .My doctor told me in January that I couldn't live without thyroxide ..

Well guess what I am !!

and feeling the best I've done since 14 years old ...

Some of the posts on here have been derogatory about Adrenavive and Metavive but I can tell you it has worked for me and is readily available here in the UK.

I'm now on 3 tablets of each a day - plus some vitamins .

So that's my journey . The first 4 weeks wasn't easy but every week has seen an improvement.

Thank you for reading it .

My ex husband who is still a dear friend says he's never seen me looking and sounding so well.

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Good to hear you got your health back after decades of hell.

I went through the old posts on Metavive and the criticism is the fact the manufacturer refuses to indicate how much T3 and T4 the supplement has in it. The manufacturer claims this is to avoid it being labelled a medicine so ending up POM.

Hi bluebug .

To my understanding they are natural porcine/bovine hormones and the amounts can't be shown because they are sold as health supplements - food for the adrenals / thyroid.

I presume this is because they are not a licensed drug manufacturer.. I actually don't understand the whole drug industry thing as I've been medicated up to my eyeballs for 30 years and have lived in a surreal world full of blackness and doom !! which I presumed was

" normal" because my doctors told me it was..

I now know that adrenal gland fatigue causes hormone imbalance and depression -

Until I discovered this forum earlier this year the word endocrinologist , T4/T3 ,NDT etc was never mentioned to me..

I was told to take this pill to make me better.. My mental health was attributed to infertility !!

I'm just pleased that a health supplement has made me feel so amazing after 50 years..

It was up to me to monitor myself and the dose .. 4 tablets made me feel not right ..

So it doesn't really matter does it how much hormone it contains - its up to us to work out how much our body needs.. it's our body.. why are we so dependant on other people telling us the dose to take..??

I dont know what POM means?

I just know that down to prescribed medication I lost my husband / mother / brother/ sister/ nephews / nieces and I was unable to have children -

My life which lies ahead will now hopefully be full of fun and laughter and love....

POM = Prescription Only Medicine.

thank you humanbean

So isn't that a really good thing? meaning that it's available to everyone.. ?So even when people have thyroid symptoms but the blood tests say "NO" they can now buy it themselves and hopefully start to feel better!!

The NHS seems to be failing thousands of thyroid sufferers and ignoring the fact that most are also suffering from adrenal gland fatigue .. so surly it's a good thing that a supplement is out there to help !!?

Sorry, I haven't kept up with the discussion on Adrenavive and Metavive. But if someone feels good on something they can get easily from the UK then it sounds good to me. :)

I appreciate what you are saying but:

Not only do we not know the hormone content of Metavive, but we do not know if it is consistent;

If we take Metavive, we become hostages to their product. We do not know enough about Metavive, nor about any other such non-prescription products, to be able to readily change to another make. We see plenty of supply issues with even official medicines;

There are many here who do medicate themselves, but the idea of taking thyroid hormones without any understanding doesn't look like a good idea. Anything sold as a health supplement can easily be treated as a fairly innocuous thing to take - like fresh vegetables, a tonic, a multivitamin. Your testimony in this thread clearly shows that thyroid hormones are powerful substances which have major effects;

You might find my Abbreviation and Acronyms document of some use. It does include POM. :-)

thank you hellvella..

I appreciate your concern and explanation.

but my journey is worth the risk.. and to not have the anxiety which I've had since I was born is a godsend ...

as the adrenals heal so will the thyroid .. I have the belief .

I was just telling my story as I felt that the forum needed something positive for once !!

The reason people want the amounts is so if they come of another drug that was working e.g. NDT but can't take it anymore due to price or availability they know how much of it to take. Not knowing the amount leads to a risk of a thyroid storm/crisis​.

If levo wasn't working then guessing how much of metavive could be fine in some cases where levo wasn't working at all.

Then there is an issue of consistency batch to batch. If the manufacturer indicated that the batches had exactly the same active ingredients in it that would help as well.

Anyway glad you sorted yourself out.

So touching, wonderful and inspiring to hear your story. I started taking Metavive iii about a month ago and I have to admit that it has helped me but at first I didn't realise. I did make the mistake of dosing up too quickly resulting in palpitations and so I've had to cut down today. I've spent the day feeling absolutely awful but it's made me realise that my morning fatigue had totally gone in the last week or so. I tried T3 a few months ago but I found it too stimulating and it gave me insomnia too.

You sound like a very courageous and resilient person and I'm sure your past struggles have only made you mentally and physically stronger. Thank you for sharing your story. I wish you even greater happiness, health and success.

Thank you Serendipitious.

it's now 14 weeks and it hasn't been an enjoyable journey but I was absolutely determined not to end up like my mother and grandmother who were both bedridden from 50 .. my grandmother was a miserable vindictive person and my mother loves her ME status .. that gets her lots of sympathy!!

It does take a while to get the dose right. I upped to 4 of both

( on different weeks) and both made me feel 3 of each is right for me.. 2 tablets of II is equivalent to 1 tablet of III.

so let it take its time for your body to respond.. I feel 25 % better than 2 weeks ago.. so it is a waiting game and patience is a good thing ( which I've lacked totally in some weeks ) but when my body temperature hit 37 c today I was so pleased.. I wanted to share my journey.

Thank you for your kind words .

I wish you much success with your health .

Glad to hear you're so much better :-)

I had pretty much the same as you but it all went away after going gluten free like you.

I think I would love to have a little more of a positive deposition like you but old habits are a little hard to get rid of lmao! I'll get there when I've ironed out the last kinks :-)


It's never a smooth journey but clearly the results have been worth it. You must have wondered if your mother and gran had the same issue. It's a terrible tragedy to learn how so many people have gone undiagnosed and lived miserable and debilitating lives. I often wish I could do something to increase awareness and help others. Did you stop taking Levo completely when you started Adrenavive and Metavive? I'm still adding some Levo to Metavive as the amounts of T4 and T3 are so low in each capsule. I do intend to wean myself off Levo as I've been taking it for 17 years and its never helped me feel great.

It's interesting how you say that you were an anxious child. I've always been anxious right from the start. I've never ever been carefree and although I didn't have the extreme problems you've had I've suffered from very heavy and painful periods almost from the start. I'm hoping I can also experience the same benefits and relief from so many symptoms as time goes on. Thank you.

Hi Serendipitous

Dr.P feels that my family has genetic hypoadrenalism so yes I feel it is all related ..

My mother and sister had trouble conceiving as did I.... unfortunately I never conceived and after IVF my symptoms grew dramatically worse.. other members of the family are also very anxious people.

I've really looked into hypoadrealism and it definitely has controlled my moods, bladder, sleep pattern and menstrual cycle.

Until a couple of years ago sport and exercise where my life.. so it all makes sense. I felt good when exercising. The fire certainly tipped me over the edge as my adrenals took the brunt of the panic and then the stress of homelessness just about finished them off..

I did stop taking Levo before I started the metavive ...

And certainly there is so much suffering due to the endocrinology system.. I was speaking recently to my vet and he understood more about it than any doctor I have seen !! He was of the opinion that one wouldn't just treat a dog for the thyroid without testing the adrenals... interesting huh ??


I have repeatedly said on this website, and to people in my life, that I'd rather consult a vet than a doctor. People think I'm kidding - but I'm not. I even said this to a retired GP yesterday at a conference. And I said it to a nurse in a nurse-led clinic the day before. The nurse was shocked to hear that my GP saw my Low and out-of-range FT3 result and had said that it was good. And then, when challenged, he admitted that it wasn't actually good, but he attempted to excuse his first answer, which had been an outright lie, by saying, "well, we don't treat this". The nurse agreed that Low FT3 should be treated because of the debilitating chronic illnesses that are caused by untreated Low FT3 e.g. arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, poor bone density, poor memory, poor eyesight, poor stamina, chronic fatigue, etc.

So, yes. I'd rather consult, and be treated by, a VET. 🖖🏻

true and wise words..

My dogs receive far better care and consultations than I've ever had ....

KNR, I also asked the nurse if she realised that farmyard animals receive blocks of minerals, to maintain their health, to lick at their leisure? She said she knew this cos she lived in the countryside.

She also said that it was taking them extra long to get through patients cos of the NHS hacking that was the result of viruses created by the NSA dept of the USA. I was surprised that she was sooo on the ball. 🤔

I wouldn't rather be treated by a vet - I'd have been put down!!!

The majority couldn't afford to be treated by a Vet, my 2 hyperthyroid cats had blood tests this morning + one months worth of Carb and it cost £250 😖

Annoyingly my daughter is a Vet (farm) but not local enough to use on a regular basis.

my point when mentioning vets was that my vet knew more about adrenal gland failure than my doctor ..

KNR, if we were treated by vets we'd most probably be diagnosed sooner, and treated both sooner and better. 🤔

thank you Londinium..

completely agree.. if I told a vet " my dog never sleeps.. pees every 20 mins like clockwork 24 hours a day .. when the dog eats it throws up or has bad odour faeces of the undigested food" .. I think they'd demand that the dog stays in for tests not send them away with a rebuke for wasting their time and to just rest the dog !!!???

And not have much left in the bank !

all my dogs are insured because vets are expensive !!

So are ours but still costly for things they don't/won't cover. Even the cost of insurance becomes ridiculous as the animals age.

Hi Bantam 12

I'm sorry that your chosen animal insurance does work for you..

my dog insurance remains the same as the dogs' age ..

my eldest dog has enjoyed acupuncture / hydrotherapy / massage and lots more on her insurance..

My vet discusses all the options for treatment and explains everything so clearly .. so that I understand what I'm paying for.. and he'll send me to the chemist rather than sell me an inflated drug which I can buy over the counter..

unlike GP's !!!

Not as expensive as privatehealth care!

Yet NHS is failing to treat thyroid adequately or at all in many cases

Mainstream medics are failing patients in all sorts of ways. I've literally just come out of appt with gp who said my chest is clear. I was told the same thing last year by another gp at the same practice who is a senior partner, and by a radiographer and radiologist at the hospital.

So I showed today's gp the napkin on which I coughed up green infection just a few minutes earlier. But she continued with her "chest is clear" crap. So I reminded her that her senior partner colleague said the same last year, as did the radiographer and the radiologist - despite me telling them all that I was coughing up green infection. And, after all that, the Prof. of the Chest Clinic confirmed that my X-rays had shown "shadows" which means that I had an "ACTIVE CHEST INFECTION".

So the gp, radiographer and radiologist were all proven to be Inept and Not Fit For Purpose. But here I go again with another gp who looks at the green infection and says, "your chest is clear". No, YOUR ears are duff and YOU lack medical competence!

I can't believe a year later you are still being treated with "absence of care" and like an idiot who is obviously not aware what her body is doing.. this is all so so wrong!!

Made me laugh cause my hubby has said so many times in jest "I should be shot & put out of my misery" 😉


I think Dr P stated in his book that thyroid patients are often found in gyms. I think many of us thrive by the adrenaline rush and endorphin release of exercise. I am no exception although I'm having to restrain myself at the moment. However, as you've also said it is exactly this that stresses our adrenal glands. I've got high cortisol all day long and I'm using adaptogens to balance and normalise it. I really need to keep it in check if I want to get anywhere with new thyroid meds.

Interesting comment about the knowledge of a vet. I wonder if it's related to the fact that our doctors have been bought by big Pharma and common sense has gone out he window. I suspect the veterinary industry hasn't yet been affected?

lts so good to hear you have come through it all - after such a bad time. All best wishes

So pleased for you. Pity it took so long. Well done

I wish to live without pills too, but I have no thyroid still I may try it and see how it works for me.

KNRHOVE65 still takes thyroid hormone - just a slightly different manufacturing method and product to, say, Armour Thyroid - which is produced by a major pharmaceutical company. So it is NOT a life without pills.

II'm not pill free just pharmaceutical drug free...

I'm afraid that would be a miracle!!?

I have hypoadrenalism /

hypothyroidism so they both still need to be supported

This is such an interesting blog thank you KNRHOVE65, I too don't have thyroid Bunnyjean and am wondering if I dare try this regime?

Tragic, that millions of people (many women) globally were, and are, failed by so many doctors. Heartbreaking that mothers, grandmothers, etc, lived a worse life than necessary because of debilitating and chronic illnesses caused by hormone deprivation.

The supplements/meds that KNR is referring to are manufactured by -

Congratulations ..may you always be happy and well

Very interesting and uplifting blog KNRHOVE65, was it Dr. P that guided you onto Adrenavive/Matavive? I have been to see him, but haven't been back for a few years, these supplements were never mentioned to me. Thank you so much for posting.

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