Blood test results help - new here

Blood test results help - new here

Hi, I've been feeling pretty rubbish for about a year. Low mood, hair loss, cold, aches especially headaches, constipation, pounding heart, breathlessness. Had blood tests and told over phone that all results were normal. So I asked for a print out. My TSH is 2.4, B12 269, folate 3.3, ferritin 19, vitamin D is 50. Does underaction thyroid cause the low levels of other vitamins? If I treat myself with supplements would that help the thyroid levels? I don't know where to begin with supplements though and no help forthcoming from GP. Thank you. Pic of full blood test results attached.

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Others will respond to your blood test results but your TSH is 2.4. Doctors in the UK will not diagnose hypothyroidism until the TSH is 10. You doctor might if your TSH goes past the top of the range which is around 5 (not many do). You need a Free T4 and Free T3 test as that gives a better idea and I will give you links from TUK which will be informative:-

I'd copy and past your results on a new post. I think it has been missed due to so many questions pushing others off the front page. :) I shall give you links from Your B12 is too low and suipplement with sublingual methylcobalamin B12 to bring it up to around 900 to 1000. Both B12 and Vit D are prohormones and have essential jobs in our body, low B12 for instance can cause neurological damage. I would be helpful to others if you can get the ranges as labs differ and it makes it easier to comment.

Thanks so much Shaws that's really helpful I appreciate it.

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