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Anyone know who to see since Dr Skinner died ?

Hi all

Looking for a good endocrinologist, I live in Liverpool but do not mind travelling !

I am under active last result TSH was 1 point something but T4 elevated 22. I am 48

feel about 90 tired all the time and has gone worse since menopause. Is anyone on T3 and has it made a dramatic change to your symptoms ? What bloods do I need to get done ? Also I know the urine testing is more accurate but where do you get it done and will dr's take notice of it ? I am vitamin D deficient also had adrennals tested years ago blood test said I had it then fasting test said I was ok !!

Thanks for listening !


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Menopause seems to mess many people! A good start would be to get Vit D B12, folate and ferritin tested and then post results as many doctors say you are fine if in range but it's where in the range which is important. This forum recommends Blue Horizon and MediChecks for private testing and they tend to have dpecial offers from time to time, MediChecks often on a Thursday. Whether your doctor will take notice is variable, some do, others don't! But the results are never wasted as many on here will help you with the results and suggest where to go next.

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Thank you so much for your reply hope you are well !! Lorraine


Hi have you found a good endocrinologist?


Hi no I didn't find an endocrinologist but my go has put me on t3 which is miracle only just started it. Let me know how you get on ! Take care


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