Dr Skinner and armour

Obviously no one on here will endorse self treatment, but if that is the choice of an individual, then there is a question I would like some help with.

I have been told by my doc that I am now being referred to Dr Skinner, haven't heard anything yet, but this was only a week ago and Im guessing there will be a fair waiting period.

I am thinking about trialing armour (self treating) and making a start because I am sick of feeling so rubbish! Anyway, does anyone know if it is likely to anger Dr Skinner if when I get to see him I have begun self treating?

I have copies of all my original bloods, body temps prior to this etc etc .

This is the main issue keeping me sat on the fence.

I have added selenium and a stronger b12 vit to diet, and have been taking vit D , ferrous sulphate, vit c and probiotic too (will be changing b12 again soon following advice) and am taking 1 nutriadrenal a day(dont want to go higher because I have read that for some it can heighten problems , I have an exagerrated startle response and have read this might be an issue not to takee to much adrenal suppliment) will wait on Dr Skinners advice on this.

Just want to get on the track to feeling healthy again.

Do you think he prefers to have patients with a clean treatment record?

Was thinking of starting with one grain armour, half am half dinner time.

Once again I am not looking for anyone to endorse or suggest this course of action, just some insight into how Dr Skinner works.

Kind regards,


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I don't think Dr S would mind if you had started - I know of others who have done that. On the other hand I think you won't have to wait long to see Dr S as he does seem to be able to see patients quite quickly.

I don't think he usually treats adrenals though - I think his belief is that once thyroid is sorted, then adrenals will sort themselves out. Xx

I was hoping I would be told this, and thats encouraging regarding the adrenals too Clarebear! I just assumed that there would be a long waiting list, and also wonder how long it will take the practise to actually send my referral to him. Still, I'm feeling positive :-)

Thanks Clarebear xx

YOU CAN DO NOTHING to upset Dr Skinner, or perhaps you can: by being not 'truthful'

so the rule is: BE TOTALLY HONEST with Dr Skinner and you will not go wrong.

I am one of his lucky patients by the way :) xx

Thanks Nobodysdriving, and I agree with the truth part, why would anyone wanting help lie or cover up facts from the very person who needs to know everything to be able to help them?

Its so encouraging to see and hear from people who have been aided back to health!

Thanks again , xx

well.........I hide things from the doctors I 'do not' like! of course I do this 'at my own risk' and do not advocate anyone else does the same!!! as of course, depending on 'what' you hide or skew it can have very dangerous side effects for your health :)

Hi Femme1

When I knew that my GP was ref me I phoned Birmingham surgery to make an appointment right away. I live in Scotland so they gave me the number to the Glasgow clinic. I phoned and got an appointment for the next time he comes to Glasgow which is 25/5/13. He only comes to Glasgow every 6 weeks but 6 weeks is a small price to pay after 20 years.

Good luck


Good tip , will phone and see if I can get any info 're appointment ! Thanks Roslin , good luck with your appointment too xxx

Didnt mean to make this a private question, if anyone is capable of opening it up please feel free. :-)

done. :)x

Thanks for that x

I agree with the above. Before I saw Dr Skinner I took Armour for 10 days because I thought my GP at the time wasn't going to refer me. I told Dr Skinner I had self medicated and felt a slight improvement in my skin he just said "why did you stop?" I think he does realise patients have to do a certain amount of experimenting with dosages etc, and seems ok with it. Like NBD says you have to declare these things to him so he can suggest the correct treatment. XX

I will certainly tell him all that I am doing to try and make myself well, don't want anything to stand in the way of him helping me, that would be daft. Good advice ! Xx

'he just said "why did you stop?"'

ROFL this sounds SOOOOOOOOO much like my dear Dr Skinner :) 'love him' :) can't wait to see him again, have my appt in 3 weeks time :)


There isn't normally a long wait to see dr. Skinner.

Great stuff, had thought it would be several months ! :)

as soon as they receive your referral they'll be in touch. If they haven't been in touch chase you doc. Mine didn't do anything till I chased 3 times!!

I called my gps and was told they sent the referral over a week ago but it didn't appear to have arrived, so I asked them to fax a copy yesterday, so fingers crossed we will be sorted soon :)

Dr. Skinner is on holiday until the 13th May, so once you have your referral and have contacted the office, hopefully, it won't be too long after that. Good luck.

I'm so chuffed there isn't a massive waiting list , looking forward to some answers and help , feel so much better knowing I'm seeing someone who is so knowledgeable in this area :) x

I'm seeing him in June and letting him know I want to come off Levo. It's doing absolutely nothing at all for me. I will be trying Armour instead. I was tempted to make a start on Armour before I see him next as I know he won't mind. He knows how eager we all are to get well again. What a sad life I lead. I am really looking forward to going on to Armour. I'm hoping and praying it will get rid of my weight gain. Hope it works for you too. x

I'm on day four of armour and no adverse effects as yet but it's early days and a low dose of half a grain twice a day. I am really looking forward to seeing Dr Skinner Karispitit , just to hear someone speak sense and not offer anti depressants or tell me it's probably M.E or similar rubbish! I hope armour does the trick for you, I too am hoping for weight loss when other symptoms improve , fingers crossed x

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