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Can anyone tell me if there is a chance I will be able to see Dr Gordon Skinner?

From the research I have done he seems like the answer to my prayers, but I fear he is very very busy. Has anyone here been seen by Dr Skinner? He is not back in his office until Jan 3rd. but I feel it will be a very long wait to see him. If I fail to get an appointment with Dr. Skinner can anyone recommend a Thyroid specialist in the Midlands area? If I am left with only my GP I fear for my life! (not a joke)

I'll write a blog now and introduce myself....

Thanks everyone


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Despite being busy, Dr Skinner can usually see patients within 2 weeks of receiving a GP referral.

I can definately recommend him :)


Thank you so much powderpuff :) !

I will contact him on the 3rd of Jan. Wish me luck :)!

PS. I hope to get GP referral and I hope that Dr Skinner sees people from different cities ( I live in Leicester, his clinic is in Birmingham)


hello would you or anyone please give a link to dr. skinners phone address etc.etc. and is he an NHS doctor? or is he only private, have many cost/money issues i'm afraid & might he take someone from north wales if anybody knows, my gp is a good guy but all lost at sea with the thyroid issue, but was willing to read a book i lent him dr.Barry Durrant-Peatfield our endo who had retired but came back for lack of endo available--says i am definitely not hypothyroid, even with all my symptoms and then some, with TSH blood tests always over 3. and 5. and 6. and 7. fluctuating i think i only hit US targets once in the last so many years, i've gained so much weight my body is suffering 5foot2 and 18 1/2 stone & my big tongue is pushing my teeth apart--- truly need sorting out


Just in case can anyone recommend another expert as a backup?


I have sent you a private message


I would see your GP straight away for the referral and ask him to post it to Dr. Skinner. In the meantime, write to Dr. Skinner yourself giving your name, address and telephone number so that his secretary can contact you with an appointment as soon as the referral is with him.


I saw Dr Skinner just over a year ago as I was feeling terrible. One doctor said it was my age, 58?! And my usual doctor said I was depressed, but I refused to take anti depressants as I told him I wasn't depressed.To cut a long story short & got a referral letter from GP & saw him about 1 week to 10 days after that.

When I went to see him & took my blood results, he said I had been under prescribed for some time & my dose of 75mcg levothyroxine was increased gradually to 225mcg.

To say I feel like a completely different person is an understatement! The brain fog has gone, I can concentrate & have lost a bit of weight.

It's a real disgrace the way thyroid patients are treated. Do not give up


Hi, I have been to see Dr Skinner last week as like you, I was on 75mcg for the past 16 months and feeling dreadful, I have also been told by Dr S ive been under-treated, despite my nhs endo saying 75mcg was "perfect".... Just wondering if you have continued to feel well on your new dose? Mine is to be gradually increased over the next 9 weeks. so now on 100 mcg. Also wondered if you have had a thyroidectomy? Mine was removed 49 years ago, Im now 59. Have you had vit D and adrenal isssues whilst you were feeling unwell?


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