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Vit K2-MK7. Can anyone give me further advice or am I'm doing ok?


I have found out my Vit d spray has Vit K2-Mk7 derived from Natto. So with Natto containing soy(a), I've decided not to use this particular spray anymore.

Reading up on Chris Kresser website, I'm pleased to see that I already eat a few of the Vit K2 rich foods.

If anyone can share any other VitK2 food recommendations that would be great.

At present I eat lots of blueberries,eat organic butter, organic avocados, chicken liver pate, organic chicken breast, eggs (yolk contains K2), organic cheese, organic beef, organic broccoli. Could do with trying kale & eat spinach again.

Can I do anymore or am I already getting enough?

Thank you everyone 😊

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Fermented soy is supposed to the only form of soy that we hypos can have. It's unfermented soy we're supposed to avoid. Natto is fermented soy.

Here's a couple of lists of K2 rich foods

Butter should be grass fed so not necessarily organic. I changed from organic to Kerrygold as they claim their cows are on pasture for 10 months of the year. That's probably the best we can do for a supermarket-available, reasonably priced butter.

Thank you Seaside Susie for clarifying that, I do keep forgetting if it's fermented or unfermented we avoid. I'll stick with my Vit D spray then. I'll try the Kerrygold as I do love butter over margarine any day of the week. I'll take a look at the links too, thanks again 😊

I didn't realise the soya thing. Is tofu out then? I've just taken up eating it so I eat more veggie meals

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Anything that is not fermented soy is a bad idea for us Hypos, so yes Tofu isn't recommended. It is thought that soy can interfere with the body's ability to absorb thyroid replacement hormone.

Bugger. I thought I was being healthier eating tofu not chicken, didn't think that it could effect things :(

I already avoid gluten. Is there anything else to avoid completely?

There's nothing healthy about soy. It's ghastly stuff! If you want links to tell you how ghastly, I'll post them tomorrow. Too late tonight. :)

Try tempeh (it's fermented) instead, but it's an acquired taste. Organic chicken would be better

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Thanks reallyfedup123 you've jolted my memory about aluminium. I've been using an aluminium free deodorant for 3 years now to look after my breast health.

I suppose if Natto is sat in aluminium, that's not great either. I need to do some research on aluminium.

If I remember correctly there were some old posts about how it's best not to use aluminium/teflon coated pots & pans for cooking. Iron ones are better albeit darn heavy & more expensive 🙂

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I'm sorry & shocked that aluminium has caused you to need a wheelchair. I hope it is not a long term? With becoming as aluminium free as possible & passage of time thus far, are you in need of your wheelchair less or not so?

Hi Paula, I'm using Healthy Origins natural vit K2 mk7 100mcg.

Does not contain gluten, milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, nuts, wheat or soy

Hi there, thanks for replying. I'll take a look at Healthy Origins. I'm gluten free & soy so good to know HO products are free of them 😊

If you read their blurb you'll see that "Healthy Origins® Vitamin K (from Natto) provides Vitamin K in its most biologically active form called Menaquinone 7 or MK-7 for short. Vitamin K as MK-7 has superior absorption or retention in the body when compared to K1 - the typical supplemental form. Natural Vitamin K may help to support bone health, cardiovascular health, calcium metabolism and arterial health". So it might not *contain* soy, but it is made from it - I think all MK-7 is (except Pronordic).

That's brilliant, thank you again Angel, I'll check out the HO blurb.

MK-7 is the plant-based long lasting K2, mk-4 is the animal-based short term K2. Natto is fermented soy and therefore OK (as long as not GMO). So you could take MK-4 several times a day instead, if you are really anti-fermented soy. You are unlikely to get enough K2 from food alone if you have any sort of absorption problem - you'd need to live on extra mature Gouda or Edam cheese.

Thank you Angel, I'll check out tempeh. I've been taking a blend of pro & prebiotics, enzymes & L-glutamine since last September and have just started NDT, which I can definitely say I feel a marked difference with. So fingers crossed any absorption issues are under control. I know tumeric also helps the gut so will start that. Thanks again.

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