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Being new to this advice so needed please can you help?

Hi again

Sorry I'm here again, probably it's all part of the same parcel!! As can't think straight

Having tsh 5.6 I'm wanting to improve my health, I'm a coach potatoes at any opportunity basically, and my mood so low, depressing for sure, little energy


I've only just discovered that I was a. 3 tsh in 2010 so have 'decreased' a lot over these last years, ( when asked doctors previously they wouldn't tell me this 2010 figure which isn't nice as it's in my records) - had a lot of life 'big stuff' to wade through over 16 yrs so not surprised if adrenals and cortisol at the route...

I've just read book by Diana Homes

Do I address adrenals with a herbalist? Is there any other way to improve adrenals does anyone know please?

If adrenals were ok would pituatory and thyroid right itself I have wondered?

My Symptoms are very dry legs, eye brows a third missing, get very hot feelings, have experienced very cold on three ocassions, Started a bit breathless at times and some palpitations, sometimes can hardly have energy to walk and legs ache, i have brain fog a lot, - I'm probably quite lucky I've not had worse, I've held part time job down by brute force and ignorance, I'm 63 had some of this I had way back after a birth and it lasted for a year in the 80s, had pre eclampsia too which is now thyroid related , I also too patient for my own good!

Do I start thyroid tabs regardless? I tried levo for a few weeks and told to stop as had swimmy head when driving,

Do others get this symptom?

I Thought as that time I would try homeopathic and reflexology treatment and it helped but can see it's not doable conti ually, ( tsh came down to 4 for a little while with the treatments but expensive to keep up)

I feel I'm going round in a circle here, I was going to get F3 and F4 tested privately this week? As 3 is not given in my last lab test in February , the t4 was 14 in the range - about half way, ( have read here it's best being at the top?)

Will this be helpful? My last lab tests were inFeb btw

Ferritin 43 10 - 150

Folate 14.6 3 -20

B12 351 145- 910

How do these seem ?

Please can you help me please can you advise ?

Best wishes


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Jeppy If you are going to order a private blood test, Blue Horizon have 20% off this bank holiday weekend - code MAYDAY20

You seem to have had vitamins and minerals done so a good choice would be Thyroid Check Plus Six which tests


Total T4



Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) Antibodies

Thyroglobulin (TG) Antibodies

If you haven't had Vit D tested then it's a good idea and you'd need Thyroid Check Plus Eleven although that will repeat B12, folate and ferritin.

Once you've got all the thyroid test results then members can comment more specifically.


Based on these results:

Ferritin 43 10 - 150 - this needs to be at least 70 for thyroid hormone (our own or replacement) to work properly, for females I've seen it recommended to be 100-130. You could buy an iron supplement and take each tablet with 1000mg Vit C to aid absorption and help prevent constipation. Or the easiest way is to eat liver once a week.


Folate 14.6 3 -20 - this should be at least half way through it's range so it's fine.


B12 351 145- 910 - anything under 500 can cause neurological problems. You could buy some sublingual methylcobalamin lozenges 5000mcg to start, take one daily and when the bottle is finished but the 1000mcg strength. When taking B12 we also need a B Complex to balance all the B vitamins.


Adrenals can be addressed with supplements but you'd need to do Genova's 24 hour saliva cortisol test first to see where any problems lie. High cortisol and low cortisol would be treated differently. As a general thing, Vit C and B Complex support adrenals.

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Hi susie thankyou so much for reply

Il look at the price of it - I have a discount with medicos as by blood prick test that I sent them was in on lush even ! Hardly a surprise, I tried for half and hour to get enough blood in pot and failed miserably! It had congealed 😀

I've wondered about D? Sadly can't do liver but makes me think there must be other comparable foods maybe?

Also I do wonder about general absorption of these, is q10 needed?



(Blood test was INCONCLUSIVE)


On it's own Vit D can be tested for £28 with City Assays, it's a blood spot fingerprick test, you just prick your finger and just three or four spots are needed

You can Google for iron rich foods but liver tops the list.

Absorption of all nutrients relies on good gut health. If you have low stomach acid (very common with us Hypos) that would need addressing

Betaine HCL with Pepsin or organic Apple Cider Vinegar With Mother can help with low stomach acid.

Q10 is one of the generally recommended supplements for Hypos.


....thankyou susie

There is a q 10 version for older age group ubiqu or similar?

I haven't heard this mentioned before here, so can see its important to get into this asap

I've seen keniesiologist who has prescribed estain from nutri for my leaky gut and wheat Sensitive, I saw him the other day after 6 weeks and gut improved but a bit more to go with the powders, I should have requested he check vit d

What is the cider vinegar with "mother"?

I'm taking magnesium in spray form and multi vit gold in liquid

Is it me,? this all makes me so down as I am not the type to get into things too heavily and it's apparent and necessary with this

So I need to get a clinic blood test as can't download enough blood up to the required line



BIG question is though ...

Do I need to get the tsh down to under 3 before any of this is relevant?

And what tablet can you get on the NHS Instead of levo? As it gave me the swimmy head and he stopped me taking it for this reason



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