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Not sure what to do. Help please!

Hi I'm Sue . I'm 55, menopausal, have depression and an under active thyroid.

Unfortunately all 3 have similar symptoms! So hard to know what is causing my problems. I am very low, I've had a lot happen recently, including 2 bereavements. So obviously the depression is a big part of it. I am so very tired. I work as a self employed domestic cleaner, quite a physical job. I work around 20 hours a week. I've recently taken a week off but it doesn't seem to have helped. I can't afford to keep taking time off. I've just had my anti depressants increased. Yesterday I had a blood test to test for cortisol and vitamin levels. I recently had a thyroid test, was told it's "normal". Readings were serum free T4 : 16.9 and TSH 0.46 . I've read that we don't test well for this in the UK. In the states it's much better. Obviously I need to wait for my latest blood results but I'm getting to the end of my tether. I suspect my adrenals are shot! I'm currently on 125 of thyroxine. Any help or advice would be gratefully received. Many thanks

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1) did you take thyroxine in the 24 hours before the test ..................DONT

2) what are your levels of



Vit b12

Vit D3

they must all be MIDWAY in their range or you cannot utilise the thyroxine and convert it into T3 which is needed by your body cells especially for energy


Hello thanks for your message. Yes I did take my thyroxine!

I think the other things are the results I'm waiting for


Never never never take thyroid meds in the 24hours before a test or you will land up with Doctors reducing your dose


Okay thanks


Hi sue. You sound like me a few years ago when I'd lost my husband. God mother and mum all within six months. At that stage my medically induced under active thyroid results were all coming back. Ok. And for other reasons I couldn't take anti depressants.

My GP at the time tried a regime of my a high dose multivitamin with iron available over the counter but taken twice a day. And a 1000mg evening primrose taken three times a day. Also cut the. Caffeine bananas and nuts and processed food in your diet. Sounds crazy I know but it worked for me. I've managed to maintain the same dose of Levi now for six years and he checks full bloods twice a year

The other thing is to learn to be kind to yourself give yourself treats(a long soak in a new bubbly bath when you've done an hours ironing. Coffee when you finish the shopping you get the most). It. Takes time to. Get through grief anywhere up to two years for just one person and your dealing with more. If I had a crystal ball and you were close iced meet you for coffee. Good luck. And keep in touch


Thanks, I have just got some high strength vitamins and minerals. I confess I eat all the wrong things. Doesn't help I know. I know I need to be kind to myself. Thanks for reply


Hello sueoathall,

Welcome to our forum and sorry to hear that you are not feeling well.

It is good news that your thyroid hormones, vits and cortisol are being tested as this will give a clearer picture of what is happening in your body.

The chances are your meds need adjusting but without the test ranges it is difficult to say.

Please post all test results complete with ranges (numbers in brackets) in a new question for members to comment.



Thanks flower. I will post all results as you suggest.


Hi, im new to this forum but I can tell you that although I would rather not be struggling as I am, knowing im not alone with the way I feel is a comfort as there are people to turn to who understand, I was beginning to feel a fraud or as if I was imagining things were wrong. Ive just mowed my lawn and I feel a total wreck, pain everywhere. I have, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia as well as underactive thyroid and high cholesterol, I get confused as to which is the cause of so much pain. I work full time and I feel I must be getting in everyones nerves as I dont seem to be having any good days where im pain free. My levels are all normal after recent blood test. Ive just started taking ndt as ive piled on over 2 stone since ive been on levothyroxine and I take prozac as well althoigh im trying to slowly wean myself of that.


Sorry to hear that.sounds miserable! What is ndt ? I've heard it mentioned but don't know what it is


Sounds like me the past 10 years (I'm 60). I have discovered this: after menopause, the sex hormone levels may be VERY uneven (for example, I am told I have "normal" estrogen levels, and almost NO progesterone). IF the hormone levels have dropped at all or are uneven, it can affect the body's ability to adequately convert T4 to T3, and without enough T3, depression and fatigue will follow. Some people opt to supplement with hormones (not an option for me due to clotting disorder), some supplement with T3, which can sometimes be difficult to get from a doctor in the U.S. and England. Look at the T3 group, some buy it internationally. I have discovered that for me at least, no amount of supplements or vitamins or minerals or amino acids, etc., can adequately compensate for the hormone issues AFTER menopause. Another thing that some people try is Low Dose Naltrexone, which I am preparing to try soon. There's a good group that addresses it on Yahoo. Best of luck to you.


Thank you that's very interesting info


hi sue. i'm curious to know how your cervical spine is doing, and if you have any other physical symptoms, such as any pain or numbness in your shoulder, arm, hand, wrist or fingers? are you able to get any x-rays to show what's going on in your cervical spine?

my situation is quite similar to yours - i also went through significant grief after a few extraordinary losses in a short period of time. i have also been told my thyroid levels are normal, despite having had symptoms such as 100 pounds of weight gain following the traumas, within just one year's time, very low body temperature - as low as 95.6 degrees fahrenheit, suicidal depression, water retention/edema, weight gain when starving with weight loss only when eating like a horse, amenorrhea for a year and a half, hair loss, dry skin, extreme fatigue, sluggishness... but i also have a whiplash injury, and it turns out that compressed cervical nerves actually often cause thyroid malfunction. i've found that it's important to check this out, especially if the medical establishment is telling you everything's just fine. you are not a number printout - you are a whole person - and that includes a spine and nerves.


Hello no I don't have the pain or numbness. Thanks for your message


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