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New to all of this - so help needed please x

Hi, I'm 40 now but all my life I have suffered with weight gain, extreme tiredness, irregular & heavy periods, slow thinking and lack of bowl movements...! When I was teenager my then Dr said I was borderline on under active thyroid but I was sent on my way... I've only today got a print out of my bloods and seen my TSH & T4 from 2011 was 5.43 & 13.7 and last Sep '15 they were 4.48 & 12.2... Both times I got told they were "normal" I'm guessing having done a small amount of reading about it... Off to see the Dr again on Friday as my fatigue & weight is getting worse... Any advice or help anyone can give me please... Is this normal...?

Thank you in advance Jo x

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Yes. Before your apt read this group old posts and the stop the thyroid madness website and look for their suggested range of tsh and t4. Yours are functionally too high and too low respectively.

You need the minimum tests of tsh ft3 ft4 tpo tgab all done at the same time.

Ask for them. State labs plus symptoms give a clear indication of thyroid imbalance and I want this full profile of tests.

Be prepared for challenge . Sttm website also has pages that help you deal with doctors.

If doctor says no then get them to sign a piece of paper you have prepared stating your symptoms, research and test requests. Plus it says I am refusing these tests and line of investigation signed. ....Doc. plus make sure the doc has typed their refusal on your e notes. Shock of that should get you the tests!

I always go to a new doc assuming they will be on my side and that helps prevent stubbornness on either side 😯

If no good then self test using blue horizons.

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There are no ranges with your results


Your fT4 is quite low, in most people the TSH would be much higher with this fT4 level and they would be diagnosed as hypothyroid. I would push your doctor very hard for a three month trial of levothyroxine, say 50 mcg which is a low dose. This is very safe for someone who is not elderly and could have a dramatic effect on your life.

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Hi there

My TSH has never risen but both my FT3 and FT4 were below range (for 6.5 years) with crippling symptoms while I was being told I was normal without any thyroid issues....Luckily I changed GP practices and at my first appointment with the new Dr I got one that had read the NICE guidelines and who 'trialled' me on 25 mcg of levo. When I got to 75 mcg with no changes to my FT3, FT4 and TSH readings he confirmed his diagnosis and my readings finally went up (and down for the TSH) when I got to 100 mcg.....

On my profile (at the bottom) there's a link to the NICE guidelines which basically state that if you aren't at the over 10 TSH level but are having symptoms they should trial you on levo. I'd print this out, highlight the relevant bits and wave it at the doctor during your appointment.

As someone that was ill for years if your current GP won't prescribe levo try one of the others in the practice and then change practices. If it is hypothyroid (which it looks like it is) you just keep getting worse and worse. I got to a point where I couldn't leave my bed for 3-4 days of every 14 and thought I was going to die of cold (while having two hot water bottles strapped to me; one front and one back plus blankets over a jacket that is for cold temp survival down to -7 degrees C). Don't get to this point get assertive with your doc although I do know just how difficult it can be when you're feeling so rough

Good luck


They are going to check my Thyroid but I have been taking Neurotin for pain with Tramadol , I have PMR. I asked 3 Dr's and a Pharmacist none of them said it was the Neurontin until the last Dr. So upsetting, I will be tapering and be in pain and heard of Subonxe and vivitrol for pain? Anyone else? Does Thyroid meds help. Forgive my typos they get to be awful sometimes. and funny.:)


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