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Lab Results

I've seen another doctor had my TSH re done and a few others still waiting on a few to come back at the moment.

TSH two weeks ago was 3.32 mu/L as of yesterday it was 4.2 mu/L

Serum free T4 Level (yesterday) 16.6pmol/L

Serum Ferritin is (yesterday) 21 ug/L

My doctor in theory will ring me next week, are these results suggesting hypothyroidism or not? As they've already told me that my results were in range and normal

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TSH >2.0 indicates your thyroid is beginning to struggle but NHS won't usually diagnose hypothyroidism until TSH is over range or FT4 is below range. Ask your GP for the lab ref ranges as that will give you an idea how close your TSH is to being abnormal.

Ferritin 21 is low but if it is within range your GP won't prescribe iron. Ferritin is optimal halfway through range and most people think it should be >70-100. You can raise ferritin by supplementing iron (available over the counter without prescription) with 1,000mg vitamin C to aid absorption and minimise constipation. You should retest in 4-6 months.


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