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Hi can someone help with a few blood results

Hi everyone could someone help with a few results that say speak to doctor, anyone have an idea as to what is going on. Thanks Total white blood count 11.2 10*9/L ranges 4.00 -11.0010*9/L........TSH 0.29 mu/L ranges 0.35-5.00mu/L......... serum c reactive protein level 13mg/L range <5.00mg/L..... also had my serum cortisol done and that was normal 202 nmol/L.

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I am phoning in the am to get my print out x


Jayuk, CRP is produced in the liver in response to certain diseases causing inflammation in the body. It won't determine what is causing the inflammation but your GP will do further tests to find out.

Your white blood cell count is slightly above range which indicates infection somewhere in the body.

TSH 0.29 is flagged because it is slightly below range. Your doctor may consider this means you are slightly over medicated. If you don't feel overstimulated and you feel well on your current dose of thyroid meds resist any attempt to reduce it.

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Thank clutter for your information as I don't want to fobbed off saying it's nothing. I need answers as to why I am still feeling rubbish and no energy and body aches and random pains. Just sick of feeling rubbish all the time.


Samsam03's do get a print out as it'd right. Someone will have more information if you are refused it.


Have you ever been tested for vitamin D? Most people with Thyroid issues are low on Vitamins and minerals. If you are low you need big doses to get you up to something reasonable.


Hi thanks for replying, my vitamin has been tested and is fine.


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