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Did anyone here have a high pulse and overheat all the time even though they were hypothyroid? I was extremely heat intolerant and would perspire just brushing my hair. My resting pulse was always also in the 90's. On taking Thyroid-S for about a month my temp has calmed down and my resting pulse is now in the 80s (apart from after a meal when it goes up into the nineties).

I know this is the opposite to what most people with hypo experience. I was thinking maybe it's because my Pituitary is probably messed up (my TSH was low and T4 below range so going to have Pituitary Function Test soon), but if it's down to Pituitary I'm not sure NDT would have resolved that issue?

Anyway, would be interested to hear if anyone else experienced similar temp and heart rate issues although hypothyroid.

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  • Hi there. Yes me. I was admitted to hospital twice because it it and all along i was hypo and they didnt know. I dont know what thyroid_S is but i have been on levo for a few months now. Will soon be going up to 10 mcg. My levels were extremely low.

    So yeah.. I too was racing pulse (sinus tachycardia) and sweating buckets. They put it down to severe anxiety at the time. Ao i guess it veey well couldve been the low thyroid crash for me.

    X x

  • Thank you, Demitria, I'm so glad it isn't just me! I too was told it was anxiety, and depression, and menopause. Strangely, antidepressants, anxiolytiscs, beta blockers and HRT did nothing to alleviate either symptom 🤔

  • Hi Tills62

    Yes, I've been on levothyroxine for over 10 years, various doses and it was halved at the end of last summer, which put my TSH very high. Though Levo raised now and getting back on track, I still experience bad heat intolerance as well as being very sensitive to the cold. I seem to spend my evenings whipping layers off & back on again a few minutes later; drives me crazy! I'm post menopausal too now so that probably doesn't help. I have been wondering (after a little searching) if it could be the result of a slight deficiency of growth hormone (somatotropin produced by the pituitary) that's causing such temperature intolerance and sensitivities. As apparently this can be affected if you don't get enough of the deep stage of sleep, which I know I haven't for a while. All symptoms seem to overlap with hypo though, so hard to work out what's what. I suppose it could just be that being hypo affects the pituitary negatively in the same way it seems to affect everything else. Definitely going to work on techniques to try and counteract sleep problems though. Doubt there's much point me mentioning it to the doctor - practically given up there! 🙄

  • Hi Xanthi, me too!

    I too spend all evening changing tops - hot one minute,cold the next.It drives my Husband mad! I am also post menopausal,not on HRT any more.Interesting what you said about lack of sleep,I haven't slept very well for at least 12 months,I have hip pain which nothing seems to help, and spend a lot of the night turning from one side to the other,so don't get any deep sleep.

  • My resting pulse is usually 85 BPM, but was very very weak prior to taking NDT.

    I was almost always cold, but found heatwave weather unbearable, on the rare occasions that's happened. I was always sun intolerant, & could burn in 20 minutes.

    I have a pituitary tumour, & diagnosed & treat myself for secondary hypothyroidism. I'm no longer cold, & can now produce body heat for the first time. I haven't experienced hot weather since starting THs, to know how it will affect me.

  • Hi Leverette, thank you for your response. I'm thinking my Pituitary is involved too as my results were:

    TSH 0.19 (0.27 - 4.2)

    Total T4 58.6 (64.5 - 142)

    Free T4 9.11 (12 - 22)

    Free T3 4.37. (3.1 - 6.8)

    I will be having a Pituitary Function Test in the next week or so, and a brain scan at some point.

    I am worried in case other hormones are affected. Is this the case with you?

  • I have a pituitary tumour, which was initially detected by high prolactin levels, then confirmed by a MRI scan, 4 years ago. Over 500 parts per litre of blood indicates a prolactinoma, mine were 3 times higher, so I knew before the scan. I'm rather angry as I'd had, now obvious, symptoms since 1979.

    Someone posted a table of how secondary hypothyroidism test results are different to Hashimoto's or primary hypothyroidism, but I can't find it. sorry!

    Have someone ready with chips straight after your pituitary function test. I rarely eat them, but it was all I could think about! I've been more sympathetic towards diabetics since.

  • Yes me also. Fast pulse always and Heat .... don't get me started with that. Heat doesn't like me at temp over 72 degrees.

  • I have (had) the same problem. I got help from bio identical progesterone cream, so now I only occasionally (when I get agitated) suffer from it. I'm post menopausal.

  • Thank you, everyone, for your responses. I've been thinking maybe when we are hypo but have a fast heart rate, extra adrenaline is produced to fill the gap left by thyroid hormones??? But haven't looked into that yet. Having a fast pulse and being heat intolerant put me off seriously considering thyroid problems until I became so weak I was rarely getting out of bed. I won't take signs and symptoms so literally again!

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