Blood Pressure, Temp & Pulse

Am making daily notes of my BP, pulse and temp 3-4 times throughout the day since adding some t3 just over a month ago. Upped my t3 Tuesday night from 10mcg to 15mcg and dropped Levo from 100mcg to 75mcg. Even though I am making notes I don't understand what I have to look out for if something isn't quite right OR when there is improvement

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  • I am also recording my results since adding T3, which remain stubbornly static! I guess I am hoping that my temperature will eventually rise and that if my blood pressure or pulse get too high, I might have to consider over-medication.

    I am also noting how I feel, i.e. how I slept, improvements in the condition of my nails, etc.

  • Musicmonkey

    How are you getting on with your dats?

  • Hi Jefner,

    I am still keeping notes and temps still low as is blood pressure etc. When I raised dose to 18.75 mcg T3, after a few days I began having sleep problems. Wasn't sure if it was the T3 or the B complex vits. Cut out the pm dose of 6.25mcg T3 and the B Vit yesterday and slept much better. Flagged this pm though - needed half hour nap!!

    Not quite sure what to do now. May take the T3 and see how I go and ask for advice as to whether anyone else has had problems with B complex (Jarrows).

    If I still have problems with sleep will reduce the T3.

    Some symptoms have improved since adding T3. I don't get acid reflux, less constipated, more energy, better mood, stronger nails and weight has stabilised.

    How are you doing?

  • Musicmonkey I wondered about my B vits as well as I started to feel unwell on them a couple of times so I cut them out. What is your average temp and BP?

  • It seems it was the B Complex vitamins as cut them out for now and seem back to normal :)

  • Are you saying the Vit b lowered your blood pressure? Just wondered as mine is so low about 90 over I forgot the lower number and I shiver with cold all the time.

  • No Steni not for me - no connection to blood pressure or temps as far as I am aware, but it seems I can only tolerate the B Complex tablets for a while. Then it feels like it puts a strain on my system. I felt like I had Cystitis coming. When I stopped taking them I have gone back to normal, apart from now having to get up in the night for a pee which is new for me :(

    (Have been to Dr's for urine check and all ok)

  • My temp has been averaging 35.4c. My blood pressure is usually around 118/75. What is yours Jefner Have you noticed any change? Any improvements?

    What problems did you have with B Vits?

  • Musicmonkey

    My temps used to be as low as yours most of the time but i am mid 36 now although i do go mid 35 some days. My bp varies from 90 to low 100's. Not sure about b vits, think they made me feel a bit wired

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