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T3 supplies private message only please

I had hoped to receive T3 supplies following a relatives visit to Greece, but no joy!

Another family member is going to US, are T3 supplies available there without prescription?

If not please can I have details of how to obtain supplies from Greece via internet.

I am currently on 112.5mcg T4,(Actavis) TSH 0.03 (0.27-4.20) T4 17.03 (12-22) T3 3.87 (3.1-6.8) (Tests in last 2 weeks very efficient service via Medichecks)

B12 814 (140-724) Vit D 132.2 (50-200) Folate 19.96 (3.89-26.8) GP very unhappy re TSH of course! and I have run out of patience trying to explain it's not relevant. I am still symptomatic: constipation, dry skin, joint pains, insomnia, overheating etc. Follow a GF diet which has reduced TPO,s. Take Vit D3 and vit K, methylcobalamin B12 and multi B complex. Fed up of a compromised lifestyle.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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crimple, T3 and other thyroid medications are POM (prescription only) in the US so your family member won't be able to bring any back for you.

Hopefully you'll receive the help you need with sources via PM.

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