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Having just had a friend return from Rhodes with only 2x30mcg boxes sourced from 2 of 42 pharmacies on the island. I wanted to update you all. There are approximately 50 pharmacies in Rhodes.

He asked what the issue was and the median answer was the suppliers have cottoned on to certain websites and are now only supplying at inflated prices so are now putting a hold on distribution until stockists are at zero boxes. They then may consider sending 1-2 boxes as a maximum per chemist per week. My source is a Brit born Greek whose cousin is a pharmacist in Greece. This is not meant to alarm anyone but as information to re think about maybe trying to get your money back if you've paid to certain websites.

Also if anyone can confirm countries to buy OTC without prescription. I've heard France, Mexico and Greece but has anyone actually done this in the last month. TIA

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  • Not France. In France it is prescription only.

    But, this situation is pointing out the importance of not discussing suppliers on the open forum, naming names. It's obvious that things like this are going to happen.

  • Thank you GreyGoose. Important indeed. 💜

  • You're welcome. :)

  • GG,

    But this is a problem with the manufacturer restricting distribution for whatever reason. It doesn't make sense to me that any manufacturer would reduce their own sales simply to prevent a third party seller profiting.

    The prohibition on naming sellers on the forum is nothing to do with the availability of medications.

  • Well, that's not how I see it, but whatever.

  • Maybe I should explain my reasoning. If what EbonyEvens says is true, and they are restricting how much T3 goes to pharmacies, because they found out about the on-line trade, it makes sense to keep it private. If everyone goes talking about it freely, then they're going to find out and be put out - well, they must have found out somehow!

    But, yes, it is weird for a company to restrict sales of its product and thus its profits, but, stranger things have happened! Doubtful if we'll ever find out the truth, though. We never did with Mexico, although all sorts of stories were flying about. Who knows!

  • GG,

    If Uni-Pharma's objection is to online sellers profiteering they could set up their own online selling service. I think it has to be something else but as you say, unlikely we'll find out what it is.

  • Oh, if only they would!

  • Am going to suggest that to the company ....

  • Uni-Pharma won't want any UK residents bypassing the NHS or private prescriptions because of the money they make from the high pricing. Are the NHS thinking by stopping it (on medical grounds of course) that the manufacturer will back down? people will probably have to die first. Some of the bodybuilding sites I saw when searching for T3 were nearly as bad as the NHS deal. Like you say below its the people who really need it that suffer.

  • It's a good policy, agreed. The problem is that other thyroid forums allow information about suppliers of all sorts of thyroid drugs to be posted online where literally anyone can access it...

  • Yes, I know. But, there's not much we can do about that, is there. :)

  • healthunlocked.com/thyroidu........

    I posted the above link a month ago and have posted many replies on the topic.

    Pharmacies only stock very small quantities of T3 as they have deliveries of all medicines on a daily basis from a local warehouse/distribution centre. It is my belief that it is the distribution warehouses that have been selling on to websites that are now out of service.

    I rang the HO of Uni-Pharma several weeks ago and was told that T3 would be prescription only to ensure the people that needed it did receive it. Hence my post in the link above.

    I have been living in Crete since 2004 so have experienced this whole scenario first hand and will of course be posting should things change.

  • Marz,

    Are you being asked to present prescriptions for Levothyroxine, antibiotics and other meds? Just wondering whether Greek Health Authority is insisting on prescriptions for meds or whether it is a Uni-Pharma only initiative.

  • I'm going to say I think just T3 as he was asked several times or told no they only had T4. He called me to ask about the latter.

  • T4 still available without a script. There are other drugs that have been stopped from being OTC - not just T3. Some anti-biotics are also OTC - not good. Greece always had an array of cheap drugs so have no idea why they are now closing loop holes. I only have experience with T3 & T4.

  • Marz,

    I was wondering whether there was some pressure to conform to the rest of Europe re prescriptions but obviously not if T4 is still OTC. Not good that any antibiotics are available OTC though.

  • Think it has a lot to do with phase 2 thinking - lack of 😊

  • Much of Europe WAS that way... without the need to 'school marm' adults: a specialist doctor or pharmacist would tell someone what would be useful to take - thereby cutting out the NHS 'invented' hierarchy (ripping off the country and patients)... I still believe the presumption that adults can act in their own best interests [or used to be able to until Nanny State crippled the many] prevails.

    No one would take thyroid hormones if they didn't need them, simply due to the horrible outcome :-( And, if there are those unable to grasp these basics in the 21st C, then it is grand scale educational failure we need to look to, rather than trying to determine who can take what :-) As for antibiotics... GP's have long worsened that situation in their communication failure(s).

    The State is forcing people to severely jeopardise their health... for some 'Boy's Club' notion based on the fatally flawed tests relating to populations (presumably without hypothyroidism!).

  • In Mexico, you can buy pretty much anything from a pharmacy over the counter, without a doctor's prescription.

  • Sadly, this is not the case anymore. I have a Mexican friend who has tried several pharmacies in Mexico but to no avail! It is prescription only now. No over the counter anymore 😤

  • I had no idea it had changed that much since I'd been there some ten years ago, however the fees to see a doctor or dentist, are still fairly reasonable.

  • Milpol - which part of Mexico did your friend try?

  • Mexico City and Guadalajara

  • Thank you. And your friend checked that that's for the whole of the country (just being thorough) as my friend is going later this year. I wonder if she can order there and have it delivered to her. I'm aware of the immediate family use but getting desperate and looking at other avenues.

  • I have bought from Mexico, takes at least 4 weeks to come, there are lots of pharmacies on line and the ones I looked at were licensed.

  • Would you mind PM me the Mexican pharmacies? Many thanks.

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